In search of RH Black Weekender

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  1. Ladies, have you seen a 2006 RH Black Weekender anywhere recently? I don't trust eBay and would like a new or prestine one. Please let me know if you come accross one. TIA :flowers:
  2. aloharag should have Black Rh WEs but i don't know what year the leathers are. RP is $1495 before member's discount. have to buy it blind, though. i'm not in the States so i use this option. hope you find one soon!
  3. :yes: Thanks, I just emailed them a couple of hours ago and have not heard back. Hope they have one :girlsigh:
  4. the last time i heard from them ( a few days ago) they have only 2007 black WE but it is before the longer handles..they used to have a 2006 but i'm not sure if they have anymore in stock
  5. Ugh, have not heard back from AR... they're usually pretty good at responding within 24 hours :hysteric: I also tried Erica @ ECLuxe but she doesn't have any either :sad: Wahhhhhhhhh :crybaby:
  6. Does the RH come with longer handles? I'm aksing cause SA at neimen said only giant... or maybe she was refering to what they had only...
  7. my 2007 has longer handles... it's good as the other weekenders i tried on where INCREDIBLY uncomfortable to wear and even my heavier friends can fit mine easily on their shoulders which i think is important!
  8. Thanks!.. I think I need one
  9. The reason for the 2006 is because I prefer the leather from that year... I like the more distressed leather :drool: IMHO, on a dark colored bag, it gives it more character :tup: But, if I can't fine one in perfect, new condition, I guess I will have to make do with 2007.

    Please do let me know if anyone here spots one, TIA :flowers:
  10. pls cut AR some slack. new stock has arrived so they're busy processing orders and taking calls and replying emails. and they possibly have to man the shop seeing it's the weekend. i already asked them ahead for inventory of Work and WE. maybe fewer of us should flood their email inbox so that they won't have so many duplicate requests to clear. it's no wonder why they're taking longer than usual to reply.
  11. I posted this on another thread, however I saw a black weekender with rh at NM in Atlanta, GA. Don't know what year it is...but you can call there and ask for Dennis, my SA. He is great and they also have an 800 number to call that store. Look it up on their website as they have it listed there. Good luck!
  12. Woohoo :woohoo: Thank you for the tip :flowers: