In search of reputable LV seller on Ebay

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  1. I am in search of gently used LV bags. Does anyone buy used LV bags online from a reputable seller? I am sooooooooo scared to purchase on Ebay. I have seen some great looking bags but unsure of their authenticity even when they claim to be MyPoupette(i guess that's the correct spelling) sellers. I have always bought my bags from a LV boutique so ebay is a little frightening. Can someone help me?? Thanks!!!
  2. Seller "let-trade" sells new and gently used LV stuff at really good prices, really good customer service, too.

    I bought my cerises speedy from them.
  3. i've seen him around before, sometimes he has balenciaga's too right?
  4. Thank you for the reply--I am brand new to the site and after posting the question, I realized I could search a topic in each forum. I'm sorry to have asked a question that had already been asked hundereds of times.
  5. LVLU seems to have good sellers. Good pictures and quality pieces.

    I also second the let-trade suggestion. Lots of merchandise and they're very clear about flaws or wear on the item. You can always wait for them to sell new items at a small discount as well.
  6. I also recommend let-trade. I have purchased from him many times. Also timeless_lv[​IMG] is the absolute best.One more authentic_lvlady.
    I'm also good haha!;) I'm a LVLU selling elite. V
  7. jewelbear, what is your ID on ebay?
  8. Jap4life I'm colbyscollectible on ebay. I don't currently have anything listed but if there's something special you're looking for let me know and I'll see if I have it. You can email me through ebay.:P V
  9. jewelbear thank you..I am going too! :smile:
  10. I am listing a monogram petite bucket tomorrow on ebay, if that's something you might be interested in. It will be linked in the Marketplace thread. The bag is in very good condition and is 10 years old, and still has the pochette. </plug>

    And yes, I bought it from a mypoupette reseller on ebay originally. Hard to go wrong there.
  11. timeless_lv is one of the best IMO!!!
  12. pinklady98