In Search of my first B Bag

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  1. Hi ladies! I am now in a quandary on what color to pick for my first BBag. I am thinking of getting a giant city with hardware. I want a color that pops! It's so confusing because there are so many yummy/beautiful balenciaga colors. I love murier, peony, raisin. Oh so many lovely colors! I appreciate all your help ladies.
  2. Ohh those are all such wonderful colors :smile: My vote goes for murier with giant silver hardware or peony with regular hardware. But all are great... Good luck!! :smile: :smile:
  3. Amongst the colours you listed (i.e. the pink and the purple family), I would say that peony (or pivione) is the most pop of all... Bal pinks are light (i.e. non fuschia) but yet retains this wow striking factor. Also can consider sorbet which is a S/S 10 colour - it's a popular colour amongst ladies here
  4. my first and only bal (for now:graucho:) is a raisin city in sgh. i love it to bits because it's works as a neutral as it goes well with everything but at the same time provides that pop of color only a bal can give you :love: another thing that's perfect about it also is that it's a dark color which means you don't have to baby it too much as with the much lighter ones. good luck with your decision!
  5. I love pivoine!!! Esp with GSH...... gorgeous!
  6. My vote's for Raisin with GGH or Murier with RGGH :biggrin:
  7. From those colors you mentioned, looks like Peony (or Pivoine) is the color that pops the most. Pivoine SGH City would be beautiful!
  8. oh my ladies both are beautiful! i can't decide!
  9. Raisin is nice!!!! Good luck!!
  10. Sorry, can't help you with the colours but for hardware, I strongly recommend RGGH. It's gorgeous! :smile:
  11. for a color that pops, i would say sorbet GSH or outremer GSH!