In search of H shoulder strap

  1. I think they might be special order only, and the last time I asked for one (box Rouge H), it was a 6 month wait. BUT mine was all leather, not the combo of cotton (?) & leather.
  2. Thanks, CynthiaNYC!
  3. TG, you can order them, but the wait is loooong! Why don't you ask Pete & Mario what they can get their hands on?
  4. Yes you can get at the waiting list at LZ !!! and just keep looking.
  5. Pete might even be able to get the hardware changed for you... no harm in inquiring.
  6. rose, hkloosterman, grandfonds -- thanks so much for your responses.

    Actually, I did ask Pete and Mario, and they said that they don't have a rouge H/palladium in inventory.

    As to switching hardware, I never thought about that! Heck, I may switch it myself!

    I saw the photo of shopmom and Renee Z with their Kellys with the shoulder strap, and now realize that I need that strap!:hysteric:

    I guess I will continue to look -- which is something I have gotten used to since I fell in love with H.
  7. By the way is the ideal shoulder strap for the Kelly (well, ideal for a person who is around 5 feet), the same strap that comes with the PM sized Evelynes?

    I know that the GM sized Evelynes have a longer strap...
  8. I would think so, that's the size I would have gone for, anyway. I LOVE the look of the canvas strap with the Kelly, especially a more casual looking Kelly...hmm.....may have to think about this, myself!
  9. I am placing a SO today for a strap for a kelly. I was told that it could take up to 4 months...and would be around $400.00.

  10. My canvas strap took about 3 months and cost under $200.
    Did price go up that much since January? WOW!
  11. Wow! That would be a big price jump! Are they the same size (??).