In search of FRENCH BLUE (RH).....Desperate!!

  1. Hi ladies & gents, are my chances of locating a FRENCH BLUE (RH, no GH please) City or Work pretty much nil now? I've called everywhere and all I come across are FB with GH (or the Matelasse) :crybaby: Getting desperate!

    If there are any FB Day's or Twiggy's out there -- as long as it's RH, I'd even consider for the color's sake (although my top choices are Work & City)! Will also consider buying from overseas stores if there's a store in Europe or elsewhere with FB (RH) in stock.

    Any recent sightings of FB (RH) City or Work (or Day or Twiggy) in stores? If you've seen one recently, please let me know. TIA! :heart:
  2. have you called susan's in Burlingame? - a couple weeks agoI saw an RH City
  3. Oooooh I should call them again! I actually called Susan's both in Burlingame and in SF to inquire about FB (called I think 1.5-2 weeks ago) -- the sales lady from the Burlingame store told me only FB with GH remaining BUT she really did not sound like she knew what she was talking about....or was patient enough to help (i.e. just look carefully through their inventory). She sounded like she really couldn't be bothered when it comes to a phone inquiry/order. I don't know what is up with their attitude.....BUT as a desperate woman in search of FB I'll call & bug them again. Thanks for the reminder!
  4. It's not one of the styles you're looking for, but I thought I'd let you know that Gretta Luxe (781-237-7010) had a FB afternoon bag last time I was there (week before last).
  5. NM's still has the rh day in stock. I don't know which store exactly but an SA can look that up for you. good luck!
  6. NM King of Prussia had a RH Day as of Saturday.
  7. There is a FB City in RH on eBay... it is above retail though
  8. :confused1: a lot above retail
  9. ^^Yeah - I was going to post about that one too - but what's with the price? $1,625.00!!! Why so much? They're not that hard to find + i'm sure more will pop up this fall as people sell their old (not really old) b-bags for new fall colors.
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    I seem to remember reading that there were problems w/the French Blue production at Balenciaga and hardly any Firsts were that the case with the RH Cities and Works as well?
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