In search of bordeaux or dark brown PST

  1. Anyone seen these around preferably at NM???
  2. They have the dark brown GST at NM in San Francisco in case that helps, ask for Pauline.
  3. :ty: does the drk brown look like brown or more black?
  4. I saw a drk brown GST at chanel SCP in the boomies there last weekend. SA told me it is still priced at $1850?? Did not "get caught" in the price mark up. Don't know if you are interested.
  5. thx but I just realized y'all are talking about the GST...that's going to be too big for what I'm looking. Thx anyway!
  6. There is a brown PST at Saks/Michigan
  7. saw one about 3 weeks ago at Saks Denver. good luck!
  8. The dark brown is very dark, closer to dark chocolate than milk choclate if you KWIM!
  9. Thx everyone!!!

    laksalala: Did you see a brown or bordeaux??
  10. i believe it was bordeaux
  11. well I called them today and they only had a drk brown and it was being sent out for repair.

    I also heard that NM didn't buy the bordeaux PST at all...wonder if it just wasn't that popular to begin with or what? I already have the Medallion and wanted something w/ a chain now too...:confused1::sad:
  12. I agree, the dark brown is very dark and rich, it's beautiful with the silver hardware. Bordeaux is very pretty too! But I think the brown is more practical. Good luck finding your PST! :smile: