In Search of Anthracite Money and CP

  1. I mentioned this in another thread. But I'm hoping someone can help and guide me to an Anthracite Money wallet, and perhaps a coin purse as well. This is a final part of a Valentines pressie. :smile:

    Please PM.


  2. Jim have you called BalNY or AR?
  3. Yup. I called AH and BalNY along with Barney's in a few places..

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  5. I emailed the seller on eBay who has the Anthracite listed and she said she'd be willing to go down $50. maybe you can try making her an offer and see if she'll go for a lower price?
  6. did you try calling Barney's Boston in coply Place? I remember seeing an anthra money there about a week ago.. good luck in finding one!
  7. Hi Galex, thanks for the tip. I tried Barney's at Coply place and talked to an SA named George who looked in the display and backstock. They have no Anthracite in any range, so it looks like I was a little late there.

  8. what about any of the websites that are recommended in our Bal. section.....reputable sellers????
    Good Luck in your search!