in search of a tano horse's mouth in military green

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  1. it's taken me three weeks to find a bag for work that i like - the right color, size, price and shape - and just my luck, the color i like is sold out everywhere on the internet. it's been confirmed that tano isn't making any more in this color.

    has anyone seen this bag for sale?? :crybaby:
  2. As a matter of's available on Melie Bianco, Tano Handbag, Loop Nyc, junior drake, Leatherock, hobo international, fashion flair, Loop Designs, celebrity styles,, fashion flair, miss me, celebrity handbags, head bands, Yochi Jewelry AND if you use coupon code TOUTIE15 that ought to get you 15% off the price. Or you could wait, fashion flairs publishes codes on their website all the time, of course the bag might be gone by then.
    Good luck - and I HAVE ordered from them before. Good service, reliable and fast shipping...
  3. thanks, but when i click on the details of the bag, it says it's out of stock. boo! i called a local tano retailer, and i'll stop by their store this weekend. she said they can call around to other stores to see if maybe someone has one in stock, or if the company has a sample. god, i'm pathetic.:shame:
  4. Luna Boston | Horses Mouth Belted Hobo Bag Details

    luna boston is very good about special ordering styles/colors - you can try and contact them and see if they will do that for you. and there's a 20% off code 'grechen' - I'm not sure if they'll apply it for pre-orders, but you can mention it.

    and i already looked through these, but here's my list of online stores that sell tano: Grechens Closet - Tano

    you could contact them as well, and see if they'll order it for you.

    good luck!
  5. I just love that bag!!!! Yes, I do!!!
  6. Did you ever find this bag? I've seen it today at Irv's Discount Luggage Warehouse and there is a code on the site for extra 10% plus free shipping.