In search of a RED lambskin flap...

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  1. I am searching for a true lipstick red in lambskin. Have you girls seen one floating around? I have been "hunting" on ebay, but they are pretty rare. I have come to understand that they are quite hard to find.

    My number 1 pick would be a red classic flap in jumbo, but I am open to other sizes as well. I will take vintage as well as brand new. (Can you tell I really want one?) Please PM me if you see one! :flowers:
  2. LOL I'm sure you'll be PM'd if other members don't decide they want it first!;) They are hard to find. I'll PM if I see one on eBay. I would love a red jumbo but I am too freaked by eBay to take the risk.
  3. Thank, ItsMyWorld! I know they are incredibly hard to find, even on ebay. I am hearing that there will be a dark red released for fall, but it probably won't be the same as the red in previous collections. Maybe I just have to suck it up and pay a high price on ebay... ;)
  4. I've been looking for lipstick red as well, please can someone pm me as well if you see one floating around. I would appreciate it greatly. ;)
  5. There was one recently sold on ebay which is the lipstick red lambskin med/large flap in gold HW and she is a pfer!

    I think there are a couple on ebay and not sure if it is still available, GL in ur search~
  6. Ok, I know this is stupid, but do they have it in Paris? since it's the place they originated from..
  7. I just saw one on ebay. Just check if it is still there...:tup:
  8. i think i saw the one mentioned above on ebay;it was gorgeous!
  9. omigod, that's stunning. that's exactly what i'm looking for too, but i'm afraid to buy one off ebay.
  10. Love the color, the condition seems good too.

    the price so far looks good, I just dont understand the date code thing, what is that mean?
  11. oh.... that's niceee.. but anyone seen the one with silver hardware?
  12. Chanel at the Bellagio had a brand new red Lambskin flap when I was there two weeks ago. Small bag from '04. Current price is $1895. It's SMALL though. Call Jason at the Bellagio and ask if they still have it.

    Good luck!