In search of a new wallet!

  1. I would prefer leather, and it has to hold a lot! Mine now measures about 7 inches by 4 inches - checkbook size...and a funky color so it stands out in my bag. Mine now is a deep purple...

    I have been to a few department stores and looked online, but haven't seen anything I love - anyone have any good ideas for resources to look into?

  2. Aloharag has some great comme des garcons wallets here.
  3. I have a Hayden Harnett wallet which I love, love, love!

    Here it is:



    It holds a ton of stuff and I always get compliments when I take it out!
  4. Whaa!! that keyboard one is crazy! I kinda like it! Those Hayden Harnetts are pretty. They make really good colours. :tup:

    Also try Hobo International. They make some nice leather wallets in great colours and are very affordable.
  5. You might also want to check out Lodis Wallets, they make some great wallets that are very stylish. I have one of their large..about 7X4 clutch frame wallets and it's great..stylish and great quality.