In search of a MA in Navy... help, please? And a q for GUNG :D

  1. Hey ladies -- and RM experts (you know who you are ;)),

    I posted about my search for a New Black Matinee and nothing's turned up til today :sad: meanwhile I've fallen in love with another RM color -- Navy Blue. Would anyone know if RM made the MA in Navy, and where I could still find one? Someone posted about the MAM in Navy somewhere but I am scared it may be too small... so if anyone knows anything... post on here or PM me please? :smile: Thanks so much in advance!

    GUNG, this q's for you -- is the Navy leather similar to the Emerald? :smile: Thanks!
  2. Hey girl! You are a true RM aficianado!

    About your question, the Navy leather is absolutely nothing like the Emerald green. The Navy is some of the best leather I have ever felt; its buttery, smooshy, pebbled, and very very soft. The Emerald leather is "slick" with a bit of gloss, and no pebbled qualities to it. The emerald is still great leather and for sure it is a beautiful color too.
    I refer to the Navy leather as the old leather, as I myself have only seen it come on early RM bags. I know one place online where you can buy one of these older RM bags (Its still new) but the color is green. It is not emerald, or sage, or evergreen, I think it is a forest green. If you are interested, I can post the link here.
  3. Wow... a green I haven't seen yet! If madaboutdarcy isn't interested in a green bag, I'd love to see it! I really want to wait for the new Jade Matinee, but I may be tempted by a forest green MA...
  4. OMG! Im going through brain strain. I very very vaguely remember a Navy Blue MA from an online boutique. URGH! Im trying so hard to remember! If I remember, I will post the name of the boutique here
  5. ^Thank you! That was going to drive me nuts that I couldnt remember the name of the boutique. It is indeed that boutique! I wonder if they have any kind of promo/discount codes? I will go poke around and find out!:yes:
  6. Ooo! I like the lining on the bag! Its very different to all of the other ones that I have seen so far.
  7. They don't have it in stock anymore. I tried adding it to my cart.
  8. Its super cute isnt it? Its just these little itty bitty multi color pin stripes against a soft navy cotton twill. I love it!
  9. Aaaaaaaaaack! That was the link I did see somewhere on here. Scatterbrained me. :sad:

    But thank you GUNG, for answering my question about the leathers :smile: The navy does seem soooo soft!
  10. No problem! Like I said in my PM to you, I think that style of MAM is probably one of the last available at any online boutique! Are you going to bite!?:graucho:
  11. grechen10 for 10 percent discount =)
  12. Unfortunately like riceandsoup said up there, it is gone :sad:
  13. ARGH! That just sucks! I hate it when online retailers dont update their stock! Im sorry for all the hoopla, and for blabbering about a bag that wasnt even there!

    But hey, there is still a green "older style" if you are interested. Now, if you want that link, I am fairly certain it is available!
  14. I know :sad: thank you, but no thank you for the green "older style". I won't be able to justify having two green bags of the same style/shape hehehe... :p:graucho: