In search of a luxury org ic cleansing balm. I feel cleaning your skin is really the

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  1. most important step in having a nice complexion. I have used many products in the past few years from different companies trying to find things I love. Some I have rebought and others I gave away after a few uses.

    I just used up the last of my Voltary cleansing oil which I gave my daughter but she wasn’t using it and am about to use up my May Lindstrom Cleansing Oil which I think might now be my favorite but I want to try something new. I also was using De Mamiel cleansing balm until my daughter came home from college and I gave it to her and she is happy how it is keeping her skin moisturized in the winter weather so I said she can keep it.

    After using oils and balm cleansers I think for winter I might prefer a balm. I use it with a bamboo baby washcloth to remove the balm or oil cleansers and my skin is really very soft and feels good. I have been searching for more luxury organic products and wonder if anyone has recommendations?

    I will probably try to buy a few samples from eBay to try before I buy a full size product.
  2. I love the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. It feels great , and does a great job cleansing. I use it with a cloth like you do. Take a second to just place the wet hot cloth over your face before removing the balm, the steam will release the scent more, and it is amazing. It has neroli, which is a favorite scent for me.
    I've used various products from all the other brands you've mentioned, and prefer it to all of them.
  3. I just ordered 6 samples of cleansing balms and 2 oil cleansers from The Detox Market. For those looking for samples I have always been happy with the samples from them. Nice way to try a product before you buy.
  4. Amanda Lacey does a lovely cleansing pomade. Works well, smells delicious and is luxurious. It feels slightly gritty initially but emulsifies really well. What I particularly like is that it rinses pretty cleanly from the sink leaving no waxy, dirty makeup line. Maybe that's tmi for anybody...:doh::smile:
  5. Some cleansers that have caught my eye are: I ordered samples to try.

    MV both the cream cleanser and the 9 in one cleansing tonic.
    African Botanicals Marula Oil cleanser. I received their serum and face oil in two different Boxwalla beauty boxes and really love these products.

    Been using what is left of a few items I own such as May Lindstrom Honey Mud, I mix it with her pendulum potion oil cleanser. Just took out my NOID cleanser which is a clay type cleanser and it is pretty nice. I use the hot bamboo baby washcloths to remove all my cleansers and am happy with the results.

    It will be interesting to see if I love anything from the samples I order.
  6. Been trying my samples.

    Not impressed with:
    Tata Harper cleansing oil
    Had two more oil cleansers forgot the name, was not impressed.

    Really liked:
    De Mamiel gel cleanser, loved the feel of it and easy to get off.
    Omorovicza cleansing balm is fantastic. But felt a bit oily greasy. Still liked it.

    Favorite and I ordered a large jar:
    Charlotte Tilbury multi Miri always glow. Like that it can be used a few different ways. Nice texture, spreads easily and no overpowering smell. If ai didn’t buy this I would have bought the DeMamiel gel cleanser. Their balm is great and my daughter loves it better than any oil cleanser she has tried.

    Have been trying to also use up the rest of my May Lindstrom Pendelum Potion and every time I use the product in the bathroom or come into my bedroom hubs asks what that horrible smell is. He is very fragrance sensitive and has hated this smell from day one. So as much as I love it I wouldn’t purchase it again.