In search of a Gemma....

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I am in search of a Chloe Gemma. I know they are hard to find, trust me I have been looking all over the place for one and it doesn't help that I am in a place where only specific fashion brands are known. Anywho, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a Gemma in khaki or black, or at this moment, any color. I am looking for a medium or a large. If anyone has a hint or an idea of where I can find one, I will be forever thankful! PLEASE, PLEASE help me find one of my dream bags! :ty:
  2. Hey im searching the gemma bag in kahki too. Maybe here is someone who wants to sell the chloe gemma bag?
  3. The best place is a reseller or E-bay. I sold one on E-bay. I've seen others but that bag was so hard to find, so they are rare to find anywhere. Good luck with your search.
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    You sold your Gemma? I have not seen a Gemma on eBay for sometimes. I really hate myself for missing out on the Gemma so many times! First at Changi Airport when there were loads of them. Then during the sales when I actually held one in my hand. Then once during the Saccoche sale. :sad: x
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  6. Namie, mine was the large, a beautiful bag, but I have so many black bags that I never carried it, so decided to re-home it where it would be used. The large is a big bag and I was always reaching for something a little smaller. The Gemma is truly a beautiful bag, I would like a Khaki in the medium size, but as has been discussed, the bag is elusive.