In search of.............a fabulous trim

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  1. I know --not a birkin-- but can anyone think of a trim theyve seen or that you have or know that they come in.............I would like a trim but I would love a 35 in some amazing leather or color
  2. has the MOST gorgeous Trim in a warm brown suede. (Sorry, can't remember correct color/leather term!)
  3. saw one in barenia. it was FAB

  4. there you go...........need to find one
  5. I've seen one in barenia/toile. Was darling for the summer.
  6. I so'd a 35 trim (sight unseeen) and honestly, it's "too much" bag for me. I've always loved large bags, maybe because the leather is very stiff, I don't know. I thought I would really use this bag a lot and it's been in the closet except for 2 outings.

  7. what is the color and leather?
  8. It's my favorite Noisette Vache Liegee. I love this leather for my Birkin and Kelly, but it was a big mistake for the Trim (in my opinion). The bag is huge, won't stay on my shoulder. I just wanted to keep you from making the same mistake I did!

  9. thanks--i can see that. a few years ago i had a 31cm trim in graine lisse and it was stiff as a board. always slid off my shoulder..............
  10. So, did you decide on a trim? Got me to thinking...I may need this bag for the summer. It is such a lovely classic bag.

  11. cant find one i like......................
  12. There's a cute little trim in red (vermillion?) chevre on Bluefly.
  13. what is bluefly? is it safe?
    yes it's safe.