In Search Of A Courier...........

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  1. Hi guys!

    Well, my trip to China is quickly approaching :yahoo: and I was hoping to find THE bag--you all know, the bag that will do it all ;) . I've pretty much come to the conclusion that a Courier just might work the best for lugging around my son's stuff (wipes, change of clothes, etc.) and give me a great punch of style. Any thoughts on the size for what I need?? Will it be ok, or WAY too big?? I haven't had the luxury of seeing these in person....

    Also, I'm having such a hard time deciding on a color that I think will work with what I usually wear (jeans, tee shirts in blk, brown, ivory, sometimes pinks, sometimes reds) but mostly jeans/black/browns/grays. Any suggestions on a great color that will work, and any suggestions where I can find one?? I've been stalking eBay checking hourly to find one at a fairly good price since I've just purchased 2 b bags in the last I REALLY REALLY don't want to pay retail if I don't have to :shame:

  2. I realy love the extra large courier in india blue.

    Go for it hugs FX van Leeuwen
  3. I am with you Emanu, the courier is next on my list, too. It looks so beautiful and it is practical. I foofooed it in Feb when I first started shopping bbags as too bohochic-y but now I really want one. Everyone - look for two, one for Emanu and one for me. As for color, Emanu, I think any of the blues, reds, or browns - even black, would do. I personally would stay away from the whites and lighter colors given the purpose of the bag - obviously you are not going to baby it too much. There was a rouille one on eBay - maybe it is still there. I know you said you don't want to pay retail, but if it comes to that, it looks like Barneys has a good selection.
  4. I have the courier in emerald and I LOVE it!!!! I really want a black one too! I love it in black- it's hot!
  5. I'm actually debating listing my rouge vif courier that I just got. It doesn't lay right on me, :confused1::confused1: but I didn't want to lose any money on eBay....
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