In search of a certain color scarf....

  1. Hey anyone out there know where I can find a COACH scarf that is yellow? I tried doing a google search and the ONLY one that I could find was from Singapore, but it had to be bought in a 4 pack... I would really like it if I could find a nice yellow or else yellow/white scarf that is COACH to match my bag... please help if you know. Thanks! :shame:
  2. hmm coach had a yellow ponytail scarf in the store but its being sent to the outlets next week
  3. O really katrynar? darn it! maybe i'll have to do a different color instead... o well, i'll just wait until i get my bag to even see if i like it before i start buying and thinking about accessories. Thanks!
  4. I know there was one on the website until the recent update. Maybe if you call JAX they can find it for you? I'm sorry, I can picture the scarf in my head but I don't recall the style no.
  5. JAX is the warehouse in Jacksonville I believe. You can call them and order your scarf if there are any left. The number is 1-800-444-3611. Hope you find it!
  6. If you live near a regular priced store and no outlet, you can go in the store and ask them if they still have any. I doubt they shipped them today