In search of a Bottega Veneta "pochette"

  1. hello, fellow bag lovers! i was wondering if anyone had a link or photos to a certain bv bag i was looking for...i'm a newbie in matters of bv so i can only describe it as a 10x5 (approx) woven leather purse with a single strap at the top and a woven tassel at the opening. i believe bottega veneta used to carry this cute style, but i can't find it on the website anymore.

    does anyone recognize this or know the name and price?
  2. Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but there's a mini bag on the Saks website on sale in black. It's not listed with the sale bags, it's with the regular BVs.
  3. thanks so much for the link! its exactly what i was taking about. i think i'll check it out in the store as well, the color is adorable....
  4. That's a popular little bag--it usually comes in some seasonal colors as well as the classic browns and black. I have one in Parma (purple). Good luck finding what you want!
  5. There are a few of these at Nordstroms in Northern Ca.
  6. There was a green one at Neiman Marcus King of Prussia on sale awhile ago.
  7. Try the outlets too, they were carrying these in several colors (not the magnolia, though).