In search of a boston

  1. Hi, I have been nagging my bf to get a boston terrier for months and he's finally given in!!

    We are going on a 3 week vacation coming back the end of september so I wont be getting it till then, which is perfect because it gives me time to do some serious research.

    I was wondering if anyone here has boston terriers and can recomend a good place to get one.

    I live in south florida. I would love to rescue one as I would rather not spend money, plus I feel guilty about all the pets that are homeless. However for the right dog I would be willing to dish out some dough...about $500 (???)

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

  2. I love the idea of getting a rescue Boston Terrier! Have you tried Googling Breed Rescues in your area?
  3. I think that would be my suggestion too. I remember in the old days the newspapers would have columns and columns of all kinds of dogs for sale, but now I don't see nearly as many. I think reputable breeders are thankfully more selective in placing their puppies.

    You might also want to check with an association that represents Boston Terriers specifically and see if they can recommend a breeder if you don't get a rescue dog. You can find these kinds of group by using google too.
  4. Thanks everyone!

    The only thing about rescuing that worries me is getting a dog with bad habit already. This happened to a friend of mine, it was a beagle, but OMG that dog chewed everything, jumped on every counter, even open drawers to get what he wanted...ugh...
  5. ^ I wouldn't worry too much about that with BTs... from my experience, they are a little stubborn BUT they are intelligent and with a little training, they will definitely come along! And there are quite a bit of rescues that are crate trained, housebroken and trained to walk on a leash, maybe you should look for such a pet if you are afraid of having a hard time with a pet that has bad manners :yes:

    and once again, based on the beagles I know, I find that the breed is prone to bad habits and issues. They are sweethearts but they can be huge scaredy cats and quite mischievious... not out of spite but out of clumsiness :roflmfao:
  6. This makes me feel a lot better! Thank you!
  7. You're welcome :tup: Keep us updated :nuts:
  8. Oooh, congrats on the search for your boston. I have a 3yr old-- Tallulah :smile: They are just the sweetest!
  9. Absolutely try searching for breed specific rescue groups - there are a lot out there, and even if they are not located in your state, for the right person a lot of the rescue groups are willing to go out of the way (flying or transporting the dog some other way) to get the dog into a wonderful forever home.

    You should also try Petfinder, as you can search by specific breeds.

    If you are concerned about pre-exisiting habits that a BT might have, you could concentrate your search on groups that foster the dogs as opposed to shelters. That way, the foster parents would be able to tell you all about the dog and how he/she behaves in a home environment.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much. I got my dog from the shelter when he was 3 years old and it worked out perfectly. No puppy chewing and already house trained!
    If you go through the specific breed rescues the dogs are usually in foster homes. The foster family should be able to fill you pretty well on the pup's temperament, etc.
    Good luck with everything and honestly rescue dogs are the best!:tup:
  11. Aw, BT is my favorite breed - we had one for four yrs, sadly we lost him to cancer, but the most wonderful thing is that anyone who spent time with us and Manny found a new love for the breed. He was intelligent, people pleaser, and obedient. Our next dog (after my princess in my avatar) will be another BT. Can't wait to see you post pics when you get yours!!!
  12. I love BTs and am planning on getting one as soon as we move into our own home. We already have a pit bull so we can't have 2 dogs in our duplex... I see lots on PetFinder so maybe check that out. Good luck.
  13. I just wanted to second this. We got both our shelties from a rescue and it was amazing how they'd already been trained in their foster homes. They were crate trained, housetrained, and even came knowing a few tricks ;) But they were still young enough (17 months) to feel like we were getting puppies. Rescues are often given lots of time and TLC in foster homes, and come to you ready to be your new best friend. I think this is the way to go :tup: