In Search of a bag I saw in a movie!!

  1. Hi Everyone! This is my first posting! I'm searching for a fun metro-hippy messenger bag. I saw one in the movie "A New York Minute" with the Olson Twins...the character named Roxy had it...I can't believe I'm admitting to seeing the movie, but it was on last week and raining...and I have no more excuses...but I LOVED the bag! I also saw a similar style in a Lifetime Movie ... I think it was called The Musicbox or Magic Box. Its about a woman that inherits a family house with a music box that takes her to versions of her was okay, but again LOVED the bag! Or, I'll take any recommendations on similar bags that would work for me!! THANKS!!!:s
  2. Personally, I have never saw the movie, but do you have a picture? Or even can you describe the bag? That would help alot.

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  3. On there are some stills from the movie, is it the orange/yellow triangle pattern with the flower/buttons? It looks like it was probably a thrift store find to me.