In Search For Simple Pumps - Blk 100 or 120mm

  1. In Search For Simple Pumps - Blk 100 or 120mm
    Anyone see them lately?
    I saw them at Saks NYC the other day, but none of my size left. I love them.
  2. i saw them at the San Francisco NM on Tues. NM will ship. PM me if you want my SA's contact info. :smile:
  3. Cl Paris has the 100 and I think they have all sizes and they do ship.
  4. I just ordered a pair on Saturday from BG.
  5. Saks in Palm Beach has them - (561) 833-2551.
  6. Barneys has the black patent simple pump in the 100 mm heel, I just saw them a few days ago.
  7. Do they even make a simple in 120mm? I didn't know that.
  8. Thanks everyone!
    I tried on the brown, but didnt want to get it in a color that I was not going to wear as much.
    Javaboo - I was not 100% sure if it comes in 120mm, just thought id throw it in here just in case it does come in it.
    BTW - I was really suprised at the comfort. It was my first time trying them on. I always thought they looked ugly in the stock pics, but they are really cute!
    Do they stretch out a little? I tried on the 39 wich felt perfect, but it did feel like they would stretch, should I go with the 38.5?