In search for nude Very Prive

  1. Can ANYONE please tell me where I can locate 37 or 37.5 nude patent very prive?? I've been searching hi and low for these. Need your help. CL boutique on Madison in NY does not have these. Do they run 1/2 or whole size smaller? Thanks so much.
  2. Get in
    Asha can probably help you on this one.
    They run pretty TTS, some people went up a half size in their VP's
  3. I'm right behind you, looking for a size 39.5!
  4. I found mine about a month ago from calling Saks online and they found a return in the system. A local SA at Saks might be able to help you also. GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. I think your best chance for now is evilbay, but I think there will be more this spring I am on a waitlist with the Paris CL boutique but it can become april or may.
  6. Numero prives in nude patent were avail for pre-order via a few weeks ago.

    I'm sure a bunch will pop up on eBay in May-ish.
  7. The line is thataway. lol Seriously, I think eBay is your best bet right now.
  8. I'm really trying to avoid the inflated prices on ebay right now!
  9. Horatio put in an order for the black patent VP and nude patent VP (no colored tip) a while ago. You can call (212) 255-1910 and ask to be placed on the wait list. I have no idea how long the list is, but I would still do it b/c often people place their name on the list and then for whatever reason they end up not purchasing. In my case I am on the list for both, but I will no longer be getting the black patent VP b/c I found them in December on w/ the burgandy tip. So, when they come in I will just say no thanks and they will call the next person below me.

    OT, but black patent VPs were ordered by NAP as well.

    LOL. I'm no more help than anybody else, especially Foxy and Kamilla since they live in NYC. It's probably good I don't live in NYC b/c I seriously would probably come home w/ something every day!
  10. See Asha, you are of help because lots of folks will call and get wait listed for those shoes! LOL. Foxy and Kamilla are like great SA with all their info! If you lived in NYC you would probably have twice as many pairs because you could try on immediately!

    Angelcove, as for size , if your foot is wide you may have to go up a half size!
  11. Your always a great help!
    If you lived in NYC, you would have triple the amount you have now. I envy your collection now, can only imagine how it would be if you lived here. wow....cant even imagine it lol I love how you know everyones inventory. You sure your not a CL insider? lol
    If you ever happen to find the Nude VP with gold tip in a 39...CALL ME! lol:heart:

  12. Asha, you are proof that you do not need to live in NYC to have a bad ass CL collection. You have got connections all over the place!

    To the OP: I would do what people here have said: check with an SA at Saks for returns and add your name to the list at one of the boutiques.
  13. Asha, do you know what color tip the black patent VP's will be that they have on order @ Horatio and on NAP? Did you mean no color for both? Thanks:flowers:
  14. Update: SA told me they are expecting the shoes in about a month but they haven't gotten anymore information on it.
  15. Lol. I need the same size. Let me know if you find them.:yes: