in search for MbMJ Poppy

  1. so who knows how this purse looks in person...but i am most definitely feeling the picture on the marc jacobs website---'Poppy', 2nd row, 4th purse, has 3 different colors...I want the LEMON---i'm all about the yellow (and green) colors right now and i'm soooo loving the casual, everyday, neutral look on this one.

    problem: i can't seem to find it anywhere and it seems that the spring '08 collection just comes and goes at Nordies...the collection does not come all at once---torture...WHY??????
    it's like...cross your fingers and hope that the shopping fairies are helping you out that day to find the one you're looking for...but today was not the day for me...i can't seem to find this purse anywhere online, so i'm assuming it hasn't hit the stores yet????? :shrugs:

    just wondering if anyone has seen it at all?
  2. Is this the patent Poppy MBMJ? If so, I saw some at Nordstrom in Canoga Park a few weeks ago. Very nice color.
  3. nope i don't think it's patent...but i think i've seen the one you're talking about...thanks though :smile:
  4. NAP had it last week but it looks like its sold out now? Hmmm...