In search for CL Decollete in Eel Skin (Smoke color). Anyone??

  1. Hello girlies,

    I am searching for Decollete in Eel Skin in smoke color. I have searched on eBay but no luck.

    I fell in love with PureEnthusiast Decollete (shown in Post pics of your louboutins thread) and she was really nice and directed me to the store where she got it. I gave them a call and they sold out.

    I'd be very very very very very grateful if any of you lovely ladies have any idea where I can get a pair!

    I will forever be grateful!


    Oh I am a 39 .. so anything between in 39.5 or 40 would be fine!
  2. Mimi, I remeber seeing gray eel skin decolletes at Saks. It was some time ago, so I don't know if they still have this color. It may be worth a call, particularly if you can get a helpful SA who can check whether any of their stores still have this color available.
  3. Did you try eBay?
  4. Yes the Saks on BH has a huge selection of Christian Louboutins. If not, there is always a couple that pops up here and there on eBay.
  5. Ooohh...Hi Mimi23, I'm so sorry to see you had no luck at the store in Atlanta. Have you tried the Christian Louboutin store directly?? I think there's one in NYC (and I'm thinking LA too, may be i'm wrong though)...Since these were out a little while ago, maybe at the retailers you'll not have as good of luck. Now that I see you're on the hunt, I'll be sure to check for them wherever I go (plus we wear similar size, so I may be able to put them on hold for you:shrugs: because I'll be in Chicago next weekend). Good luck, and don't give up!!!
  6. Oh me...I'm so retarded...I just realized you're in London...what about the boutique in Paris?? May be worth a shot!!
  7. hey PurseEnthusiast!

    Yes I am calling them tomorrow! Hopefully They still have a pair!
  8. saks in san francisco... you can call and do a charge send