In search for a Yorkie pup

  1. We are looking to add to our family a yorkie, Does anyone out there have one, and what do you think about them. We have 2 boys one a teen and the other is almost 7. We also have 2 cats who are 3 and 4 years.:confused1:

    Thanks for any in put you ladies have!:yahoo:
  2. I don't have one but my aunt does and she says they're wondrful little companions!

    She says that they follow her everywhere and love to cuddle. Oh, and that they are easy to train and will bark at strangers too!

    Good luck finding your yorkie!
  3. Oh that is so good to know, thank you for sharing!!
  4. OMG Yokies are so cute!!! I never had one myself but I love them!!! Your kids are so lucky!
  5. I also want to get another yorkie! At the moment I have a 4yr old male and would love to get the female.. But at this time I havent because theyre so expensive here in Miami $850 is the cheapest I have found a female for.. Good Luck in finding your new little one..
  6. Yorkies are great little dogs. Try doing a search for breed rescues in your area...sometimes they have puppies:smile:
  7. OH MY If I could find one for $850 I would be happy, they are going around here anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. If they are toy they are more and also female. I did have one lady tell me her $1,000 price was not set in stone, but she didn't say how much she would come down. We are going looking tomorrow at some puppies, and we will see what happens. It may take some time to find the right baby for us.:love: I am willing to wait until we find the right baby for our family.
  8. Reddianasaur and shopjenessashop, are you willing to consider rescues? There are so many lovely dogs just waiting to be rescued and to give their love to you.

    If you go to, there's a search facility where you can narrow your search to the breed you want.

    Petfinder Breed Index
  9. We have already looked at a good friend emailed me the link, most are not in my area, and the ones that are have a line through cats, or are special needs that require medication to be given to.We have 2 cats and I need all my babies to get along at least somewhat.
  10. It's A Boy!!!
  11. Congrats! Any pics, please?
  12. IT'S A BOY!!! We will bring him home monday and you know I will post pictures of this cutie for all to see!! :happydance:

    He is so scruffy looking yet so adoriable!!! Can't wait to share, thanks for all your in put!!:yahoo:
  13. awww! congrats! i was searching relentlessly for a yorkie a few weeks ago...found one and went to see him...but he gave me an asthma attack! i was heartbroken..and yorkie-less =(

    enjoy your new pup!

    Take a look at our baby Grayson! He is 2 pounds and so cute!! He kept us up most of the night and wined until 5 am boy I hope tonight goes better, he sure is adoriable the pictures are right after his first bath! Enjoy guys!!
  15. tooo cute... I did look online on petfinder but most of them are tn and they wont ship them!! if not i would have like 10!!