in search for a PARADISO denaro & mamma mia or bella

  1. does anyone know if SH or any of the HI outlets have them?? help a toki sis out gals!! :smile:

    oh and NO eBay! had enough of that!! :yes:
  2. sh has denaro's i know for sure.
  3. I was gonna say the same thing. Call :biggrin:
  4. does anyone have the number?
  5. 631 283 1733

    not that it's on speed dial or anything :smile:
  6. does anyone know how many outlets there are in HI and what their numbers are? I called the one in waikele but she said they didn't have any............and then I realized it's only 8am there.....oops!
  7. never called and i believe there is just one,

    then woodbury also in NY
    and then lastly, seattle.
  8. ok which is better in paradiso print a bella or a mamma mia??
  9. since the characters are large, i'd say the mamma mia, i just got the bambinone in paradiso and for its size it works, but i also don't particularly like the bella because of the zippers... i'm a bit biased. hehe.
  10. i'd look up both styles/print on eBay for a photo reference to best my a decision that is what i do as I don't have any tokidoki within hundreds of miles of me.
  11. yeah that's what I'm doing. I love the boy brushing his teeth, the mohawk boy playing the guitar, the sushi boy, the machine gun girl.......OMG, do I need another toki??
  12. ahhh it's gonna cost $211 for everything I I REALLY NEED ANOTHER TOKI??

    I have a pirata ciao/denaro and a spiaggia mamma mia/portatelefono/denaro.

    Does anyone think prices will go down if I wait a little longer?
  13. haha i got mine w/sushi guy, pink girl, blue mohawk and a few others, haha she probably thought i was nuts as i read this off to her.
  14. word is around august the pirata/adios star will be there so i assume it'll be at 50% at that it depends on what you want to do, i want a spiaggia bambinone and denaro's and caramella's in a lot of things so i understand.
  15. Did you decide what you're doing yet Tracy? LOLz. Btw, I think there is only one outlet (Waikele) in Hawaii and like 3-4 other stores (ala moana, waikiki, DF in waikiki, and HNL airport) that sell tokidoki bags. I might be wrong though, I've never been to the Waikiki or DF in Waikiki so I do not know if that's the same ones the girls have been talking about.