in search for a mizi vienna

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been on the search for a mizi vienna for the longest time. Can you please tell me which store still has it or which eBay seller might have a authentic one available?
    (i'm really worried that i'd buy a fake one from unkown eBay sellers)

    Thank you
  2. well there was one purple one on eBay that sold for about 2600.00 and there is one green one left but the seller wants 4,000.00 i'll try and get the id number hold on a sec
  3. It's completely sold out- it was one of the hottest bags last fall. Let-Trade gets one every now and then, and you could always contact Karen Kooper to locate one for you (she's pricey though so be prepared to pay a premium) - Bienvenue
  4. item number 230059192095. maybe you can make some kind of deal with the seller because its a beautiful bag. i absolutely love both of mine. oh forgot to mention this one is real
  5. There are a few reputable sellers on e-bay. If you really don't want to go that route, keep checking Let-Trade and Karen Kooper's site.
  6. I just bought 2 LV bags from ultimate_handbags, 230059192095. She was really great to deal with. Authenticity on the bags I bought was easily confirmed by my LV store manager.
  7. oh! i hope you find your bag!
  8. Thanks Pinkwhatever99 for your response... I'm looking into it now... If i get final approval from my hub, i'll post the picture as soon as i get the bag!!! HORRAY!!:wlae:
  9. It is a stunning bag:heart:
  10. I hope your hubby gives you the "okay" since that is a beautiful bag!
  11. This is so beautiful.. i;m drooling over it.. i remember first seeing this bag and loving it.

    If you have a look at the recent sold section, the vienna klara and vienna clasp bag has been snapped up already

    Hope DH gives the go ahead!
  12. Sounds like someone from tPF will snap it up soon!
  13. I hope so;)
  14. Stunning