In search for a Mizi...please HELP!

  1. Gosh, if I only purchased the Mizi when it was available in stores. :cursing: Now I'm obsessing over it. I really want one, but feel iffy about purchasing a previously owned one. Ones I've seen on Let-Trade or eBay have various water spots and I can't stand that knowing I paid big bucks for it.
    What should I do? Is there a possiblity that 800-vuitton would have any left in the states? Please help my current craving!!!
  2. You can try calling, but I highly doubt there are any left anywhere. The only place to find one is most likely the second-hand market, I'm going to Hong Kong next week, and that's the bag I'm looking for :yes:
  3. They might have them floating around in some SA told me that 4-6 months ago, someone came in to exchange a Klara that they had purchased from a store in Asia within the time frame of 30 days.
  4. You can get the one on Let-trade an get the vachetta replaced!:yes:
  5. How much was retail for the Mizi and Klara, btw? I'm guessing Mizi was around $1800?? Or less? Klara $1200?
  6. I bought the Mizi from the boutique before it was discontinued and the number thats sticking out in my head is $1400USD but i could be wrong. I can look for my receipt tonight and let you know.
  7. Please and thank you!
  8. Yeah, I'm thinking the Mizi was $1385 or somewhere around there.
  9. I love that bag too. Also on my wish list soon. Was gonna get a mono speedy as a handheld but I'm gonna go for the Mizi instead. Baby wipes remove some water stains and you can also clean a bag up with magic eraser followed by leather conditioner. Just a thought.
  10. I read on other threads that the Mizi was $1385 or $1395 USD.