In Search for a Black Bag

  1. I am searching for a practical medium/large sized black bag... I have black bags with gold hardware and silver hardware..however, I want a bag with no obvious hardware on it.... Basic Black... help me guys!:smile:
  2. How about a Chanel cerf tote? There are lot of pics of it on the Chanel forum.
  3. Cole Haan has some great black bags. Check out the Village Weave Collection. I bought one for myself and love it. It's big enough to fit my 12" power book, but it's not at all bulky...
  4. how about a tod's D bag?
  5. gerard darel charlotte 24
  6. you guys r amaaaaaazing!!!! thanx for all the great suggestions!!!!
  7. I just ordered this prada black hobo. I will post pics when I get it but I think this is pretty basic and you can barely notice the hardware.

    prada black.jpg