In Reno, a Body Is Found and Fear Rises- Suspect Arrested *update*

  1. I feel awful for the people in this community.

    In Reno, a Body Is Found and Fear Rises

    By MARTIN GRIFFITH – 3 hours ago

    RENO, Nev. (AP) — A 19-year-old college student missing since she was abducted nearly a month ago was strangled by a serial rapist who has attacked at least two other women and may strike again, Reno police said Saturday.

    An autopsy confirmed that a dead woman found Friday in a brush-covered field near a business park was Brianna Denison and that she died of strangulation, Reno Deputy Police Chief Jim Johns said.

    Her body had been in the field for more than a week about 8 miles from the house where she last was seen early Jan. 20 at the edge of the University of Nevada, Reno, he said.

    "I would say this is a serial rapist," Johns said at a news conference. "We have two, probably three (cases) linked through DNA."

    "The totality of the information in this case leads us to believe it is a sexually motivated crime," he said. "I'm worried this guy is still out there, and I'm worried somebody else is going to get hurt."

    Campus officers will do all they can to support investigators "in hunting this animal down and bringing him to justice," said university Police Chief Adam Garcia.

    Heavy snowfall over the past few weeks may have delayed the discovery of her body, police said.

    Denison was abducted by a suspected rapist that police have linked by DNA to a string of attacks near the Reno campus. A student at Santa Barbara City College in California, she was visiting her hometown over winter break and was last seen sleeping on a couch at a friend's rental house just off campus.

    DNA evidence links Denison's kidnapping to two other attacks on women near the university late last year, police said, and an earlier campus attack also could be related.

    In that earlier incident, the attacker brazenly raped a woman at gunpoint in a garage where campus police park their cruisers.

    Based on partial descriptions from previous victims, police have described the suspect as a white male between ages 28 and 40 and at least 5 feet 6, with a long face and brown hair. He was believed to have no accent or regional dialect.

    he killer's familiarity with the city suggests he likely lives in Reno, Johns said, adding that he believes the "chances are very good" they will catch him.

    "It could be tomorrow, next month, next year. We are going to find this suspect," he told reporters.

    The killer probably lives near the campus just north of the downtown casino district or on the city's nearby northwest side, Johns said, and he may work closer to the city's southeast side, where the body was found.

    "Somewhere in our community there is a wife, a mom, a girlfriend, a sister who recognizes this suspect. Likely he looks like somebody you would least suspect, but that is the person who is responsible for this crime," he said.

    Publicity of the manhunt may cause the rapist to stop attacking, but "our absolute fear is he may re-offend," Johns said.

    Denison's disappearance generated an outpouring of support from the community. Hundreds of volunteers aided in daily searches in and around Reno, and electronic casino marquees featured her photograph.

    One of the "Bring Bri Back" fliers with her photo and information about a suspect and suspect vehicle was tacked to a telephone pole on the corner of the field where her body was found about noon on Friday.

    Bridgette Denison, Brianna's mother, issued a statement on behalf of the family Saturday thanking police and the community for their help in the search for her daughter.

    "On March 29, 1988, Bridgette and Jeffrey Denison were given the incredible gift of their daughter Brianna. On January 20, 2008, she became the daughter of our entire community," she said in the statement.

    Bridgette Denison asked that every woman in the community "be diligent about their own safety."

    "We ask once again that if there is anyone out there with information, we beg you to come forward. Now is the time."

    Gov. Jim Gibbons issued a statement offering sympathy to the Denisons and urging the community to "continue helping law enforcement in the efforts to find Brianna's killer."

    "Brianna's story has clearly captured the hearts of our entire comunity and state," he said.


    Washoe County coroner Personnel remove the body of a woman found in a field in Reno, Nev., on Friday, Feb. 15, 2008. A worker found the body about noon in a brush-covered field on the city's south side near a light industrial area, Reno police spokesman Steve Frady said. (AP Photo/Kevin Clifford)

    A sign with a photograph showing Brianna Denison, a 19-year-old college student missing since she was abducted nearly a month ago, is seen on Friday, Feb. 15, 2008 near a field where the body of a woman was found in Reno, Nev. A worker found the body about noon in a brush-covered field on the city's south side near a light industrial area, Reno police spokesman Steve Frady said. "There has been a lot of speculation, a lot of rumor about a possible connection with the disappearance of Brianna Denison. At this point we have no information to link that case with this one," Frady said at a briefing. (AP Photo/Kevin Clifford)
  2. Oh how sad. I was just reading about this case in People magazine. I hope they catch the monster soon.
  3. :crybaby:It can be scary being a woman.
  4. This is sadly, very true.
    Once again, a POS who probably has a record, is loose and the good people have to put up with this fear and horror.
  5. ITA!!!
  6. omg! the poor girl and her poor family. my heart goes out to them.
  7. Oh no. :crybaby: I was hoping they'd find her alive. Such a tragic loss ... a beautiful young woman with a great future ahead of her. I hope they catch the bastard soon.
  8. How sad. I am glad that they are so confident that they will catch this POS, but I hope that it is done sooner rather than later.
  9. women these days, we have to really protect ourselves.
  10. 19 years old.. May she rest in peace. That is something I would not wish on anyone..
  11. This was on Nancy Grace last night. Did anyone see it? Gosh I hope they catch this person soon. He seems to be escalating the attacks. He also seems to be attacking around mid month- so there seems to be a pattern emerging that would mean he will strike again soon. I wish I could get the addresses of where these attacks occurred. My guess is that he lives nearby. I am sure the police have already triangulated the locations but it would be really interesting to see that.
  12. Here is an update. It appears this perp has another victim he's trying to get credit for by leaving an additional "gift" for the police. They have GOT to get this guy soon -- Beware-- THIS IS GRAPHIC :wtf:

    Info sought on panties found near Denison
    Posted: 2/19/2008

    Reno police are trying to identify the female who owned a pair of Pink Panther thong underwear found with Brianna Denison’s body on Friday.

    Lt. Robert McDonald said DNA of an unknown woman and the DNA of the man who abducted and strangled Denison were on the panties. McDonald said the underwear was found with Denison’s body but was not hers. The male DNA found on the panties is from the same man who committed at least two sexually motivated crimes against other young college women recently.

    Police want to know if the underwear belonged to another victim who has not reported being assaulted or if they belong to a woman who may have dated someone and later noticed the underwear missing. It’s also possible the underwear were stolen in a burglary.

    McDonald said it’s important the woman who owns the underwear come forward because the information she has may lead police to the serial sexual predator who killed Denison.

    The thong-style underwear are black with cartoon character Pink Panther’s head and pink hearts on it. They appear worn.

    Anyone with information is asked to call 745-3521 or Secret Witness at 322-4900.
    Check later for more details.
  13. YES! Thats why its SOO important that women know how to protect themselves. I am always very aware of my surroundings! If someone attacks me, they better kill me, cuz I aint going down without a fight.

  14. Roo, I did watch this episode of NG. (It's the only thing on at five pm here.) I felt a cold thumb run up my spine when I heard about the thong underwear. You know what I hate is, most often sexual predators DO get caught early on but only get a slap on the wrist... and they then perfect their crimes. They often think they are smarter than the police and stay one step ahead. Sadly it often comes down to takin gthe crimes seriously only AFTER there are deaths.

    They get all the breaks in prison, 2 days off for each day of actual time served for good behaviour, etc... one man I know all too well was sentenced to 38 years between the rapes we knew about and his breaking his parole... but I discovered (sadly, from the Megan's Law website) that he was released after only nine years due to prison overcrowding and that he was a "good boy" while in prison. What hurt the worse is like I said... I found out through a website... I should have been notified by the parole office so I had a chance to dispute his release.

    And this is all "sport" to them. They know how to play the system, they knwo their rights, they KNOW they are more protected than the victims. It sickens me that they are allowed to not only murder the victims, but then they are allowed to murder the memories and family's souls too.

    I hope they find this guy soon. I get a feeling of a "Ted Bundy" type of guy, you know? He's got a Jekyl and Hyde type of demenor. I pray for the families as well as the victims. I also find comfort in knowing Karma will kick these guys butts when the time is right.
  15. Been watching the news about this. Such a tragic end to such a beautiful girl. Her poor family. This entire thing makes me stir crazy. It's just too close to home. We love taking trips to Reno and Tahoe to enjoy the snow. Knowing this SOB is out there keeps us home. I hope they find him and castrate him!