In regards to the "stamps" on the jumbo CC clasp...

  1. When did they start doing this? I've asked in existing posts, but I've not gotten an answer. I got my bag earlier this year and it just doesn't have that on there at all that I can see. It is an authentic bag purchased straight from Chanel so I'm not worried about that, just wondering when this started.

    Thank you.
  2. i'm not sure when they started the stamp but i have two caviar flaps both in gold h/w and both have a stamp engraved on the CC

    i think only gold hardward on classic flaps have the engraving cos i've seen the flaps with silver and there is no stamp.

    i'm not sure what the engraving represents but i quite like it.
  3. Yes, my jumbo with silver HW don't have any stamp on it.
  4. Thank you for clearing that up. I have the silver HW as well so that must be it. I don't typically go for the gold HW on bags so that is probably why I've not noticed. Thank you again! :smile:
  5. Just to confirm again for you.....only the gold h/w has the stamps....silver definitely does not.
  6. In an earlier thread, someone said that the mark on the CC is a gold marking. Over the years, there have been many variations and they should only be on gold hardware bags (or possibly not at all)