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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a new H Scarf with a black background, pref with lots of other colours on it too, making it really versatile. Been thinking about the Belle de Mexique (not sure if thats what it is called!) Anyone have or seen this beauty in real life?
  2. Very pretty scarf. Also Tohu Bohu has great colors on black. Have that one myself!
  3. There's one, I believe it's called Mineraux- I saw it at Madison ave, it was a black background with brightly colored rocks on it. I thought this was a very striking pattern, especially when tied. I'm also a big fan of Tohu Bohu, that's a gorgeous pattern.
  4. elle tee, Grace Kelly- Thanks! Is the Tohu Bohu on at the moment,I'm not sure I know this pattern?
  5. It's not on, as it's a couple years old. However, there is one on EBay right now- I'm no expert on authenticity, but it is a nice scarf.
  6. Thank you I will look on ebay now:tup:
  7. I have Les Mineraux with a white ground and it is a very unusual pattern for Hermes. I sure it looks great with a black ground as well. Actually, I think it is easy to find Hermes scarves with black grounds that look great. So many patterns lend themselves to a black ground it is hard to make a mistake.
  8. [​IMG]
    This pic belongs to Isus.
    This might help you a little. This is the patten in a twilly, but you are not getting the full effect of the circles. There is a shawl on eBay right now for you to look at.
  9. ScottishGirl, I dont know how soon you would want to get the scarf. You would need to scout eBay for a few weeks to find the black Tohu Bohu with bright colors. Tohu also had a black colorway with softer colors.

    I suggest you look at and check out the black scarves there if you want instant gratification. The Belles Mexique should be there.

    or how about Tourbillion?

  10. Thank you all for help, tPF is just the best :heart: Belles Mexique is on at the moment, just haven't seen it in the flesh.
  11. Here is my alphabet scarf that is black and it has many colors in it. I also saw the New Orleans Jazz scarf in black and it had many of the same colors as the alphabet

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  12. Ooh I have several black with colors, including the Neiman Marcus special edition, which I really love. You have gotten great suggestions here for both newer and older scarves. Two of my favorites from the last few years are Crayons which features multiple colored pencils on a black background (fun and very unusual for Hermes) and one of my all time favorites, A Contre Courant which features a stylized koi pond design (stunning & so elegant!). As mentioned, Tourbillon is possibly one of the most fabulous scarves ever, as well. :love:
  13. My favorite black with color is the Passementerie (Tassels). Gosh I am so in love with that colorway but I rarely wear black. Here's a picture ....

  14. I have Passementerie in black also. It picks up every colour of clothing I put it on. I have no scarf tying finesse so I just look at it. I also have no picture taking finesse;as every picture I try to post comes up as upload failed,the picture is too big?
  15. My favorite black is the 'de Passage a Tokyo':