in real life do you know people who share your passion for handbags?

  1. namely chanel? i don't, everyone thinks i'm crazy, i have to hide my obsession from most people, even my fiance, who is not very supportive of my obsession, one purchase in a year or two is acceptable, but 4-5 in 2 months is too much for him to handle, even though i'm spending my own money. but then again, my income isn't all that high, and for the last 3 months i've been spending 100% of my income on shopping.
  2. Sadly, no i don't know anyone. Glad I found this place hehe
  3. got a buddy who is passionate about Chanel. It's so much fun to have someone on board with you.
  4. Most of my friends think I'm crazy, but of course on the other hand I think they're crazy sporting their Dooney-Bourkes or Marshall's finds!! The only one that shares my enthusiam for bags is my 12 year old son, though he is not partial to Chanel (he prefers Marc Jacobs) and he HATES the Cabas. He says "if it's that big, there should be something on it" hmmm....good point. Anyway, he's the only one I know that does not make a face at a $1495 price tag!
    And by the way, he has excellent taste!

    On my last excursion to Chanel SF, my friend had to leave the boutique because she was literally gagging at the prices...:s
  5. Most everyone I know is not like me - except for here lol! It's in my genes so I can't help myself. I was into fashion from like age 12 and my mom remembers . . . fashion makes me happy :yes:
  6. thank god I do. it's all we talk about -- bags, bags and more bags....kekeke :busted
  7. Okay lov2shop - it keeps happening - you just posted at the same time as me!!
  8. What's the topic for tomorrow? Chanel again? :graucho: :yahoo:
  9. No!!!!!!! No One :sad:
  10. No one, unfortunately. Gosh, there seem to be so many of us here -- a wonder there aren't more out there that are our friends who just haven't found this forum! I'd love to have a real life bag buddy.

    Anyone in Chicago want to fill that role? I'll buy lunch!
  11. how about if we start with Chanel then go to Balenciaga and come back to Chanel for a full circle? or just skip Bal and chanel all the way:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. I had a close friend who could relate to my bag addiction.. but she left for some village in China to do voluntary teaching and though we still do talk about bags sometimes.. its not the same. :sad:

    But im glad there's TPF!! Not so lonely anymore! :p:p
  13. thank goodness I do!!! Right, bullshopper? hehe :yes:
  14. unfortunately no.... thats why i love this place... anybody who lives in denver area wanna be my purse crazy friend?
  15. Hey maybe we should become real-life bag buddies, at least you'll know we'll like to shop in the same places!..('course we might fight over the same bags!) lol