In praise of the Saleya


Oct 28, 2006
Only here could I get some support. :wlae:

I have been carrying my Azur Saleya MM for over a month now. I simply LOVE this bag.

Let's start a love in for the Saleya. It's roomy, it's chic. In Azur I personally think this bag totally rocks. I do love it in reg. Damier too...

I love that the damn thing takes a beating and still looks Brand Freakin' New. I love that it stands open so beautifully when it's unzipped. I love how it fits on my shoulder. I love the little compartments inside that hold my keys and cell phone perfectly. I love that I can open and close it with one hand (kind of) which is important when you've got a baby to deal with!

Who is WITH ME!!??
I love the Saleya GM and would love to own it one day! Thanks for this thread of praise. I'm learning the positive attributes that the bag has firsthand. It doesn't get much better than this!
Love my Sayela PM in regular Damier! So nice to go out on a rainy day and not give my bag a thought! It's roomy and fits everything and when I open it I can see everything at once!
I saw a lady with the GM at Target the other day. It looked so nice! I wanted to ask her questions about it, but I figured that unless she was a member of this forum, she would think I was a nut!
Last night we took my girls and some friends for a Family Skate night at the ACC - and IN MY SALEYA I carried:

Zippy Wallet (huge for a wallet if you haven't seen IRL)
Smaller makeup case
Date book
Card holer (about the size of a wallet)
Sunglasses in case
Cell phone
Full Size Minolta Camera (old-style, not digital)

And would you believe I could still zip it UP! Okay, I am still recovering from the dent it made in my shoulder but seriously - this bag holds SO MUCH!!

Just thought I'd add this for information purposes!

Merry Christmas all - happy holidays!