In praise of the Montaigne!

  1. Being a shoulder bag girl, I don't tend to look at the satchels. After having a terrible arm numbing experience with a Chloe Elvire, I swore I'd never look at another. Until...well, how could I resist. The Montaigne is a great size, and...gush, gush, gush !!! That extra 30% Jomashop coupon needed one more use.

    I can see why so many of you just love this bag. :drool: The folded over ends are really fun with the wingnut and lock/key details. It very well may be my favorite style. The new baby arrived on 1/31. I moved right in!

    Is there anyone here who could tell us the story of the Montaigne?
    Colors? Leathers? History? I'm on the edge of my seat!


    ebanomontaigne.jpg ebanomontaigne1.jpg
  2. More and more I think we must be twins separated at birth, jburgh! I fell head over heels with the Montaigne when I first saw a picture of it, and it was my introduction to the BV obsession. Now I have four (nero, noce, bianco and carmino), but suspect there may be more on the horizon. The ebano is lovely but is just not a colour I would wear with my mostly black wardrobe.

    I understand the Montaigne is a relatively new style - introduced no more than a couple of years ago (and maybe just for SS 07 since those were the first seasonal colours I've seen it in?) to commemorate the BV boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris (the Sloane and Roma were also named to commemorate boutiques).

    It comes in the woven leather (I won't try to spell the 'I' word because I'll just get it wrong) in the classic colours as well as most of the seasonal colours since its introduction. The Club Stripe Montaigne that mistikat and a few others have is another leather variation - I think there were three colour combos with that (the three were all on Jomashop at one point). There is a croc Montaigne in a couple of colours too (which I believe just had fixed straps not the normal adjustable ones), and the new ostrich striped Montaignes in the SS08 catalogue. And then the prospect of the animal print Montaigne for AW08 which has me all twitchy now!

    Welcome to the Montaigne fan club!
  3. It is beautiful. Congratulations. I was eyeing up a Balenciaga City bag today wondering if I should spring for one (finally) after all these years. But that baby may have been pipped to the post by the gorgeous Montaigne. I'm seriously loving Moutarde at the moment. Perhaps a little shopping trip might be in order.

    Is it comfortable to carry and light?
  4. Gorgeous montaigne Jburgh! Ahhh there is always one BV that melts the heart :love::love:. I have rarely seen this style with the corners up, please post a pic, I'd love to see how it looks tote style...
  5. jbugh, you and DH will look stylish together. How easy is it to open up the sides? I wasn't aware they were adjustable.
  6. VKD, yes it is light and comfortable to carry and quite versatile because of the ability to carry it in the hand, on the arm, or (if you're not wearing a coat) on the shoulder. Also because you can either leave it in the boxy shape (which is still quite smooshy, depending on what's inside) or open up the sides to create more of a rectangular tote shape. LLANeedle, it's very easy to open the sides - you unlock the lock on one side, and untwist the little bar on the other.
  7. It's a beauty!
  8. ^Thanks mistikat, I love those pics, The bag does look so much bigger in the tote style and the intrecciatio stripes are just breathtaking.
  9. It's much more spacious than it may appear!

  10. VKD - My love affair with Balenciaga is SO over! The BV workmanship and quality of materials would put any City, made since 2006, to utter and complete shame. The Montaigne is very comfortable and light. It is so much more chewy than a Bbag. 'nuff said! :okay:
  11. Welcome to the BV side, jburgh!:happydance:
  12. I saw a black montaigne the other day while shopping in the supermarket. An elegant lady put it in the seat that's usually for small children. She had a full load of stuffs in her cart but all I saw was that stunning montaigne. It was breathtaking! What a beautiful bag!
  13. jburgh,
    you are on a roll!
    congrats on the beauty! use it in good health.
    now, we need some action pics!
  14. congrats, jburgh! your montaigne is simply a stunner! and in ebano too, which i call the classic of the classics in bv colours.