In praise of the HH sales

  1. I have no idea how significant the pf actually is in terms of spending/word of mouth power – and perhaps I am deluding myself here, but I have always posted in these threads with the feeling that someone from HH would be viewing my posts. And whilst I have never expressed it blatantly – it has been my motivation for the ‘yeah but’ comments that I have made whenever I (emphasis on the I) have felt that the criticism was getting out of hand. Well from what I have read in a previous thread – HH have been invited to read views made about their company, in a public area of which I am a member, that do not reflect my own – and I feel uneasy about my (significantly) more positive views not being represented. So I have decided to express how I feel about the recent sales.

    I am hugely grateful to HH. I adore the purses that I have bought from them in the past few sales. The designs are exceptional and the quality is superb. I love the philosophy of the company – which they proudly wear on their sleeve. I think that they are sincerely trying to do a ‘good thing’ in the cynical world of fashion. I trust their integrity. Furthermore – the pricing is incredible. I say this for 3 reasons
    i) Because I (on my meager budget) am able to afford them
    ii) New to most of the brands mentioned on this forum, I recently visited an outlet mall and saw NOTHING that came close to the quality of HH for at least twice the cost of the purses that I bought in the last sale.
    iii) Every purse that I have seen on eBay with a starting price of 99 cents - has been sold for more than the price it cost in the previous HH sale.

    I believe that every healthy business interaction is subject to give and take. Because they are agreeing to let me buy their merchandise at a price that is heavily reduced to the point where I can afford it – I find it very easy to work with them when there are blips. I believe them when they say that they are having problems with their automated system / stock control. I am also willing to work with them on that. For me it is a privilege and not a right to be able to purchase at such a deep discount – and because, as I have mentioned above, I trust the integrity of HH, I have no problems accepting a ‘whoops’. I certainly do not expect them to overstretch their business capabilities in the name of ‘Good Customer Service’.

    Now quite possibly HH are going to react to the feedback about the sales and say ‘Never again – this isn’t worth it.’ Or possibly they will find other avenues to sell off their wares. In which case – I probably can’t afford (for the time being) to be a loyal customer. But I shall always remain a grateful customer – and will retain fond memories of the early days of these sales with my pf buddies.
  2. HH is still a fairly new company so hopefully in the future they will have the issues that presented themselves at the most recent SS under control. Even at bargain basement prices customer service can make or break any company.

    ITA that the price you pay for their bags is absolutely worth it and I hope this brand continues to grow but also recognizes the fact that some areas need improvement.
  3. I have bought quite a few HH bags recently and I love them all except for one. Yes, they are fabulous bags and the sale that I was lucky enough to get in on was superb as well. I also experienced dissatisfaction and I posted it all, the good and the bad, on several different threads as well as other members did. There are also posts, good and bad, about numerous other merchants, for example, NM online sales are often a cancellation waiting to happen with extremely long credit waits. Things happen. I guess it seems to me that whenever there's a not so good post about HH, there seems to be defense involved and it seems kind of personal. I don't feel indebted to HH, they didn't give me any bags, I paid for them. It doesn't matter if I bought on sale or not as I still bought. I just hope that people don't become afraid to state their opinions/experiences with HH for fear of having to then defend themselves. There is always gonna be room to improve and hopefully, the good outweighs the bad. No one's perfect, not even HH.
  4. ITA with treesrgreen, and the comment posted by tonij2000 that "it seems kind of personal" kind of made me see why.

    i DO have personal feelings and incredible brand-loyalty about HH in a way that i do not for the Gap, NM, Barney's or any other retailer out there. maybe it's that they are just starting out and i like rooting for the underdog, or that i'm friends with Ben on, or that i've spoken to many of the HH team by phone, or that their designs just call to me in a way it's as if they sprung from my own brain (if my brain had a cubic cm of artistic talent, that is), or that their leather makes me feel a little woozy with happiness.

    i am willing to forgive HH for some retail violations that would have me publicly bashing NM in a heartbeat.... and that's because i think: "NM should know better (being 100 yrs old and all)" and "NM has the $ to know better and do better" and because when there have been gaffes at HH, i've been treated well almost all the time (one exception is a SA i get by phone very rarely, who is not good, at all). Not so at NM.

    i think that sharing stories of bad CS like what happened today is important - both for our own consumer awareness and for HH to have a chance to grow and improve. I know my complaints about NM fall on deaf ears (so I don't bother anymore) but not HH. I'm all for constructive criticism. But i too worry that a "burning at the stake" reaction to a single bad CS episode will make HH question if they want to distance themselves from these sorts of sales. They already gave up on the "30 min sale" idea when too many people complained that they weren't able to be at their computer for the 30 min deal and missed out. that was the most fun i've ever had online shopping.

    so for better or worse, it is personal with me and HH. :yes: i guess their marketing director deserves a big raise!
  5. treesrgreen, you are a trooper, and you said everything important.

    I will add that if they offered no more sales, I'd save my money to get the bag I want. I have paid full price to them for a number of things, and was glad to do it.

    I've mentioned in other threads that I've gone 'handbag hunting' and came away without, because ... Hayden-Harnett has spoiled me. Once you've purchased an HH bag, there isn't anything to compare. IMO.

    You already know I was a Coach fan ... and I still am. But until they can make a comparable bag to HH, no dice.:heart:
  6. not sure why this was posted in Deals and Steals as it does not appear to be a tip for a good deal. . . I'll move to Handbags for you:yes:
  7. I found HH nothing short of wonderful when I called in person. Prior to calling, though, I expressed my confusion in the forum. I got the impression some people thought my and other complaints were attacks, so I went back to lurking. :huh: I sure loved my bag when I got it, though! It's my new favorite.

    HH is going through growing pains. Every successful business eventually hits the point where new demand puts a lot of pressure on existing supply. That's actually a good thing! They're figuring out how to handle it. I don't think that's going to mean giving up sales, though. Given all the buzz this one caused, it's something they'll likely want to do again -- when they're better prepared! I know I'll be waiting.
  8. Erm, what did I miss?
  9. Thanks for your side! I have been so in love w/ HH, and that thread is killing me. THEN I hear there were Suki's for $200. I'm not sure what bugs me most! ;)
  10. ^^ Yeah, me too

    Anyways after being introduced to Hayden Harnett and finally buying 2 wallets from them after wallet hunting for 3 yrs:p, I can never look at other brands the same way again. Going to dept stores and looking thru the handbags selection is Blah for me now...
  11. I love anything HH even before I stumbled onto this site. Sales or no sales I'm still a Hayden-Harnett fan. :tup:
  12. I was never enthusiastic about a handbag and accessories line until I discovered HH. Because of the amazing sales, I have been able to try out several bags and find which styles I like. If these sales stopped, I would save up and buy bags at regular price. That's how much I love the products. And while I was disapppointed at the sample sale yesterday and think everything should have been more organized and handled better, it doesn't detract from the positive experiences I have had with the company, including visiting their shop and receiving excellent online customer service.
  13. Huh? Are people complaining about the HH sales? I guess I missed something too.

    I love my HHs and I love their sales. My first HH was not on sale but I soon learned my lesson and for my second HH, I went onto dealsnsteals and got a great 30% discount code for my suki.

    HH has spoiled me too. I went to bloomies yesterday with a 15% coupon and a strong need for retail therapy. I spent a good 40 mins looking at bags and everything was either way too expensive (chanel - drool, drool) or not particularly appealing (I'm not loving kate spade, mk, longchamp or burberry these days).
  14. i bought an hh salina in amethyst and a week later they had a "special offer" on it for 1/2 price...i called and spoke with someone there who called her sales manager and then she called me back and adjusted it on my credit card...i got the bag for 1/2 price...i was incredibly impressed...
  15. i will sing my praises as well. many of you know i am in brooklyn and have visited the HH store and had a wonderful interaction with Toni herself (am yet to meet ben)

    I think the bags are made exceptionally well, the leather is wonderful the colors the styles all A+ in my book

    i was just very very hurt and offended on a PERSONAL level by what happened at the sale just how i was spoken to, not anything to do with the bags, yes ok things werent in the best shape but hey thats how it goes, and it was buy if you want put it back if you dont

    i think that once i can calm down some about how i was treated, in the future i may buy again but maybe only online, or in the store (in hopes that person doesnt work in their store)

    But either way still a big fan of the bags themselves just maybe not the way some customer service issues are handled (and generally speaking all the sales people have been wonderful up until that one person yesterday)

    and i do hope they grow and most importantly address these issues so that things can only get better for them!

    and sale or no sale if there was something i wanted i would get it (for instance i cant keep my eyes off that ruby havana yum!)