In Praise of Mulberry Repair Department!

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  1. I sent my very pre-loved vintage Black Darwin Bayswater to Mulberry Shepton Mallet repair department for a "re-pipe", along with a lovely Oak Darwin Lichfield with a ripped seam. Three weeks later they have been returned to me, beautifully repaired and both in brand new complimentary dustbags too! Am delighted. The cost was very reasonable too.

    Just wanted to share! :biggrin:
  2. What great news! Really pleased for you Kaybee.
  3. Nice to hear good positive feedback!
  4. Nice to hear of a good result from Mulberry Repairs. :smile:
  5. :ps:
  6. Great to hear positive feedback for a change! FWIW: my past experience with their repairs dept was positive too.
  7. It's good to hear positive comments re repairs and good news that your lovely darwin bags have a new lease of life. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks ladies! It is nice to have something good to say about the Mulberry service, and I so enjoy giving a new lease of life to an old, I wonder what they could do to my DH :thinking:
  9. That's fab to hear!!!
  10. How much was the re piping? x
  11. Re-pipe was £65 + vat.
  12. Great to hear positive news!
  13. great news! Well done!
  14. Good to hear you are so pleased with the result - and what a great price too.
    I've always been pleased with their service too.