In Praise of Maggie! My Perfect Bag!

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  1. I know that Maggie has divided the opinions of Mulberry fans, but for what it's worth here's my take on it....

    I was fortunate to find my black maggie (silver hardware) in the sale in HoF after Christmas and bought her at 50% off!

    I have used her almost every day since, at work and weekends and for me she's perfect. She sits well on my shoulder, is easy to get into with only a zip at the top, she has a slip pocket for my phone and is big & roomy.

    Today I am very lucky to be sitting in Dublin airport waiting to fly out to meet dh for the weekend. Maggie is currently holding all my travel stuff, Grazia magazine, a book, my OL Mitzy pouch full of make-up, my purse, phone & portable DVD player.

    On top of all that, compared to a lot of tatty travelling bags around her, she looks fabulous!

    Isn't it great when you find the perfect bag? What's your perfect bag and why?
  2. Oh lucky you...going anywhere nice...? I have always loved the Maggie and if I had seen it in HOF we would have had a fight on our hands...!I hope the Alexa is going to fit the bill but will have to wait and see !!!Bon Voyage...
  3. Isn't it great when you're so happy with a bag?

    My perfect bag is the Mitzy hobo...She fits great with most of my outfits, can carry loads and still is comfortable. She was my first Mulberry, it was love at first sight and still is my favourite...
  4. Birkin girl - As soon as I saw it in HoF I grabbed it and then soent half an hour holding it while checking everything else out. I wasn't going to let anyone grab it away!Am going somewhere very nice but very cold. Unfortunately there's no Mulberry shops there though. I've already googled to check!

    Interesting Marjo. I bought the Mitzy messenger last week but haven't used her yet. I think she will be great though! The leather is slouchy and lovely and the bag is nice and roomy too.
  5. Not sure I've found a perfect bag yet - I've got different bags that are perfect in different situations! My most perfect bag is my phoebe- easy to use, comfy, holds what i normally need to carry!
    Congrats on your Maggie!
  6. Congrats on Maggie, sound like a very nice bag, indeed:smile:
    I have more than one perfect bag....I guess for now it's Alexa and Mabel I use the most.
    My choc Bays is also a perfect bag - to watch, that is...she is a little heavy.
  7. Still looking I guess, but pretty much find all my Mulberries perfect for whichever occasion I use them...:love:
  8. glad you found the perfect bag Lola!
  9. Congrats lola, finding your perfect bag is a great feeling, enjoy your trip!

    I have to say my Hayden tote is my all time favourite at the moment :cloud9:
  10. I like the Maggie style.
    Glad you found a bag you love...I have found too many that I love! :P
  11. Your Maggie sounds like a lovely bag and just right for you!

    All of my bags are perfect in their own way and for different situations: Brooke as messenger shopping trips and chasing Miss M around the park; Darwin Bays for lugging Miss M's stuff around; leopard patent Bays for lugging Miss M's stuff in the rain, etc.
  12. I have a Maggie and think it is most underrated. It is good for all the reasons you list. Why don't I use mine more - probably because I have too many bags.
  13. Lola - so glad yoy have found your perfect bag, I like the style of the maggie and love the stone coloured ones.

    I would say at the moment my fav bag is my mitzy messenger, purely from a practical point of view (holds everything I need as well as room for the kids stuff), although like the others say I love all my bags for different reasons.

  14. Great news that your Maggie is serving you so well! It is always very satisfying when having spent a lot of money on something it subsequently turns out to be ace; makes you feel absolutely sure that you did the right thing spending the money in the first place. Maggie sounds like she was made for you and is a very useful, practical bag. I also really love the keyring that you now have on her, it is a perfect finishing touch.

    As for me, I don't have a favourite bag at the mo! I love all 3 equally I think! I am going to use sexy lexy for the first time this weekend and am hoping she will be fabulous! I wore Drew mini out shopping in town today and I must confess that I just love that little bag. It is perfect for iphone and i can hear it ringing clearly when in drew (I don't hear it ringing when in my coat pocket, the pushchair or in change bag though). Drew gives easy, fast access to phone too so I always get to pick up before it goes to answer phone. My double buggy and change bag was loaded up with everything I need for the kids whilst little Drew just help iphone and a bank card!! I am very vain though and every mirror I walked past i checked drew out. She looked fab I must admit! She really smartened and livened up my sensible mummy outfit (boden wideleg lavender velvet trousers, purple/pink tie front breastfeeding top and north face brown nuptse vest).

    Have a wonderful weekend away, i hope that you enjoy every minute.

  15. So great to hear you enthusing about your Maggie so much.

    I was put off of the Maggie because of the Spaz leather, mine just didnt soften up - I can imagine your gorgeous black softening up all the time and looking amazing while it happens :biggrin: