In Praise of Cesar Milan's techniques in the Dog Whisperer

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  1. I just had to start a new thread on this. I know some of you watched the Dog Whisperer marathon over the holidays.

    I was so impressed with his techniques I decided to implement them in our pack (one 4 yr old Rottn girl, one 11 yr old Whiner-amer, and one speckled Dingo). Even tho I do AKC and German style obedience with my Rottn girl, she still needs to have better manners inside the house.

    So DH and I became the calm pack leaders *every day*. We made our couch an "invite only" zone when we are sitting on it. In/out privileges are on our terms. And walks are once again CALM.

    When I take my Rottie for a jog around the park there are houses with fenced yards and dogs that GO CRAZY when we go by. Using Cesar's techniques we are now able to walk past these yards in total peace and quiet!!! :yahoo:
  2. Hey hey! that's pretty cool! haha I love watching that show!
  3. I don't believe this person is in need of much praise.....I work next to his 'dog emporium'...and let me tell you, he does not take care of these dogs. Cleanliness is not something he does......
  4. ^^ do tell. I would think if he wasn't able to provide at least adequate care for his pack, he'd have the means to hire it done.
  5. for many years he has one kid rollerblade around the block with a pack of dogs for exercise....and wash dog urine to the when a car passes by it splashes over parked cars.....DISGUSTING! I have to take a peek to see if that has been fixed.....I haven't been there in a couple of weeks....I know the city has been checking on him.....
  6. ^really? I'm surprised to hear that. On the show, he genuinely seems to care for those animals. I guess we have to ask if they are better off with him or dead, because that's where a lot of them were headed.
  7. This is actually a technique he uses to help the dogs.

    Regarding the state of the kennel, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to keep the area clean. With 25+ dogs, that each poop/pee 3-5 times a day, that's a lot of waste.

    Again, my point was that his training techniques are really exemplary and dead spot on.

  8. ITA with this. Actually I think he kennels up to 50 dogs there. A little dog pee/poop isn't going to hurt anyone!