In Prague for the weekend

  1. Due to some business that my dad and I have to take care of, I'll be running through Prague from tomorrow morning until Tuesday night.

    Any of you ever been to that beautiful birthplace of mine?
  2. Have never been tho' its on the short list of places I want to go. I've heard from everyone who has ever been that it may very well be the most beautiful city in Europe...perhaps the world!
  3. Prague is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love that city... and country. The people are so warm and friendly as well. I'm jealous!
  4. Why wasn't I invited?? :P
  5. I want to go someday, missed it on my last trip to Europe :sad:
  6. i'm not too far away so i hope i can stop by prag in summer.
    so be sure to have a few shopping tips handy when i go, vlad! :smile:
  7. Thumbs up for Prague! It's beautiful, love the stew with bread dumpling, surprisingly there are quite a lot of little boutiques selling independent designer clothes and accessaries. I think I went to an opera show too.
  8. Yeah due to the weather conditions in Bavaria on saturday we didn't even make it to the Czech border. So that means back to cold & nasty Bonn and back to business.
  9. Did an Eastern Europe trip a couple of years back- Found Prague to be very interesting - I remember a big square with lots going on, very festive - Isn't there a fantastic clock there as well?
  10. I cant wait to start travelling