In Order to Authenticate Your Bag, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!!

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    Whether it is for a Paddy, an Edith, or a Silverado, it is really imperative that you first get the right pictures needed to properly authenticate your bag. Please read this thread and get the requested pics before you post the bag in the Authenticate This thread.

    If you have any information that should be added to this thread, please PM either Jag, Lescoy, or hmwe46 and we will add it into the thread.

    Thank you!
  2. For Authenticating a Paddington:

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  3. For Authenticating an Edith:

  4. For Authenticating a Silverado:

  5. For Authenticating a Bracelet Bag:

  6. For Authenticating a Betty Bag:

  7. For Authenticating a Frame Bag/Frame Clutch:

  8. For Authenticating a Ida Clutch:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.