In one week, I've bought...

  1. L'amore Ciao Ciao & Portatelefono:


    Transporto Dolce and Buon Viaggio


    Piratta Bambinone and Famiglia Dolce


    Family (not including my other bags!):


    Plus I have some foresta stuff coming in the mail next week!

    There really should be a tokidoki anonymous for people who can't stop buying like me! :sos:
  2. amazing placement on your Portatelefono :p

    all your bags are so cute
  3. hehe awesome family :heart: it's really easy to get a lot of things huh!
  4. Nice collection :smile:
  5. There is. And you found it right here.:rolleyes:
  6. Oh, believe me, I definitely know how you feel hahaha~ The week I arrived to college I bought most of what comprises the best of my collection :p We're all know how you feel~~

    I love your ciao and porta!! Amore is so cute :heart:
  7. Yeah, but this is more like an AA meeting held in a bar.:lol:

    This forum is not the place to be if you're serious about a purse ban.

    Awesome purchases Miyoshi637!

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Awesome,, congrats!! Luv your porta!
  10. Yeah, that sounds about right! All you'll find here is a bunch of enablers!! :yahoo:
  11. so true! :roflmfao:


    Awesome Buys MIYOSHI637!
  12. I know :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. i've had weeks like those! :biggrin: hope you enjoy your new lovelies!!
  14. Wow I wish I could have a week like that! The most I've gotten in a week is 3 bags and a t-shirt. Although that's still pretty good. :smile:
  15. wow i'm jealous. you have a lovley little family.