In Nordstrom's today, I saw a bag

  1. That looked just like the large Chanel coco cabas. It was by Charles David - comes in white, black and camel. I tried it on and loved it (because I love the cabas, but can't find it to buy anywhere) This bag is a delightful $346.00 - but somehow I'm afraid to buy it when the bags in my collection are so much more, will I wear it?, Is it buying a copy? Would I get white or black?I'm interested in any feedback I can get on this. I love the look of this bag - but don't want to waste my money. TIA!
  2. I would only purchase a bag if I was 100% sure. If you have doubts about using it, then I would say do not purchase it. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. Personally, I feel like I have enough stuff, so I buy things that I only love and do not have doubts about, and know that I will get decent use out of.
  3. imo you should just wait for the cabos
  4. the charles david is quite cute.. however should you have any doubt as to whether you are going to wear it - chances are you are not going to....
    Just ask Chanel about the cabas - since you are thinking of it day in and day out...

    Another idea is.. sleep on it.. see if you are still thinking about it the next morning... and then see if you think about it 3 days later... that ususally works for me...

    Let us know what you have decided!
  5. I need more thoughts on this Puleeeze!!!! and TKU - I am making this a major issue for myself !!!!!
  6. What I do in a case like this is purchase the bag, bring it home and live with it for a few days. If I leave it at the store, chances are I will come home and obsess about it but if I actually bring it home, I can calmly evaluate whether it's for me or not. That policy usually results in 50% of bags being returned without a backward glance! That bag is a cute one though!
  7. You are so right!
    I left it at the store and I am in "clinical obsession"
  8. I really don't like it. I would much rather put that $$$ towards a Chanel. Because honestly if I saw it I would think "fake Chanel"! Go for Chanel!

    Good Luck!
  9. The title of this thread sounds like it should be the first line of an ode.

    Yes, that is sort of a hint, not really a dare, but if you need that...
  10. You tried it on and you loved it plus you are in a "clinical obsession" but you know it's a copy so I suggest tracking down the Chanel somehow. You don't seem like you want to settle so don't.
  11. Nordstrom has has a flexible return policy so you can buy it, look at it, and decide if it makes you happy. It's not being passed off as a Chanel so it's not a fake. If you really like it, give it a shot!
  12. I wouldn't view it as fake Chanel at all. I think if the shape appeals to you, if the color appeals to you, if the price and leather appeal to you...then go for it. I have all varieties of prices in my handbag wardrobe. If you have good taste, you are not buying labels, or designers, you are buying STYLE. I have Gucci, Vuitton, Celine, Mulberry -- and still want an Ellen Tracy, a Furla, a Hogan...
  13. Thanks for all the good advice - I wanted to tell you that I decided not to buy the bag - I'm afraid I will feel like I am wearing a copy and that will bum me out - I actually wish I wasn't such a purist, I think I would have more fun.
  14. It's cute, but not really my style.

    If you're not in love with it - I'd say hold off.
  15. I prefer the cabas too...since that what u really want in the first place:smile: