I'n new and need some help

  1. hey! i've been reading this forum for about a month now and i'm hooked... i do need some help though.. i bought the ergo hobo is turquoise and it doesn't lay right on my shoulder .. i'm not sure if i want to get the tote in turquoise or get something else .. whats your take?? THANKS!:smile:
  2. I have the Large Ergo hobo in Turquoise and love it although I have not worn it yet. I also have the Large Ergo Vintage tote which I love as well. Why don't you go to the store and try all the bags on and see which one works for you. The small Ergo tote is lovely in turquoise. Do you have the medium hobo or the large hobo? If you have the large you might just want to get the smaller size.
  3. i have the medium ... when i tried the medium hobo on in the store it fit good .. but when i brought one home it looked terrible on me .. i'm really leaning toward the tote .. thanks for your opinion