in need???

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  1. i need a personal shopper for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if so i want to to see please in from me
    and i will get to now u and my deal are that when u buy things for me u can buy 1 hole out fit that will fit your size u will get one evey month
    also u gey paid with money but u also get one out fit a month
  2. I would love to do this! But I don't have time :o(
  3. Sorry i have a good job dont want to get paid in clothes if moneyt maybe part time but not for me sorry
  4. I would love to do it! I'm not sure what you're looking for
  5. Neither do I ??? :suspiciou
  6. where do you live? Usually a personal shopper should live in the same city so that you can go try on things with them.
  7. is my english bad or does that 2nd sentence not make any sense?
  8. Sounds like she'll pay you $ as well as one free outfit per month?? But to do what exactly (i.e. - duties)??
  9. What??????
  10. I am hoping..and I mean this in the kindest way possible...that english is not her first language.
  11. I was thinking the same!! maybe she's using some sort of translation tool :shame:
  12. yeah i was having trouble too. i think the last part is about getting to know the potential personal shopper and that once a month you get an outfit in addition to the money? it sounds interesting though