In need of the perfect schoolbag!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide what schoolbag to buy...

    1) LV speedy 35
    2) Chanel Cambon
    3) Balenciaga City

    So..which one??
  2. I think it would depend on how much you carry. Do you carry alot or just some papers etc?

    You are talking about the Cambon tote not the Reporter right? That bag is definately a looker.

    Not sure is the Bbag would be big enough.

    I have the 35 and it holds alot. It would be difficult to get books in and out I think b/c although the body of the bag is large you may have issues getting books in and out through the opening.

    I think the tote would be the best option for school.
  3. i would suggest the lv speedy 35 :biggrin:
  4. Depends on the size of the books. I used a speedy 30 as a school bag as a senior in hs and it worked well. I only had small books, though. I'd say speedy or Chanel.