In Need of "The Birth of Modern Luxury"

  1. I really really really want this book! Has anyone seen this book in their boutique? I've called some of them, but they all seem to have opened books that they cant sell.:sweatdrop: Can anyone help me? Please post phone numbers as well. Thanks so much!;)
  2. Silly question... does this book have a leather handle on it or is it just the over that shows a picture of it?


    ^^ check Amazon they have them .
  3. I bought mine from last summer. I saw them for sale at the same time on Bergdorf's website in the Sales and Values (believe it or not! LOL!) section. I don't know if you can still find it at either of these places, but I hope you are successful. It's a wonderful reference book. I leave mine out on my desk, as it is a quite attractive hard-cover book. Please note that it doesn't include any of the seasonal or limited edition items, but it really is a great resource for the permanent lines.
  4. Not a silly question at all! It does not have a leather handle on the spine, but there is a picture of one on the jacket cover of the book.:flowers:
  5. I would love the book, but the lowest price on Amazon is $395. I wouldnt have a problem with it considering it is about 500 some pages, but the rep at the 866 number told me that it was only $135.
  6. did the rep find you one?
  7. Have you called the 1866 number?
  8. I called, but she said that most of the copies they had in stores were "damaged", which I later found out to mean that they were opened and people had flipped through them. That was all she said, however. I would have thought that she would have at least called some stores to find out if there actually was one that was new, but I guess it just depends on who you are dealing with. That's why I was just going to call the stores myself, but all of the numbers in the catalog just direct me to the 866 number; they arent the direct line to the store. Thanks!
  9. Yikes! I just checked my order history with and I paid $228. At the time I knew this was higher than Bergdorf's, but for some inexplainable reason I still bought it. I think it was worth the money, but $395 is a LOT more! I could not have afforded to pay that much.
  10. It just kinda made me mad that she didnt do anything more than tell me that most places only had copies that they couldnt sell. I mean, I didnt expect her to call EVERY store and ask them, but I would have thought she could have located one for me at least. Anyways, I guess I'm out of luck unless anyone sees one and lets me know
  11. I just bought mine new, shrink wrapped at the Charlotte boutique about 2 weeks ago. $135.00.
  12. thank you :smile:
  13. The SA at the Fashion Valley in San Diego was very nice. She let me know which stores had a stock of at least 2(one is display and cant be sold). There were two in NY, and she said that the Bermuda store had 4! She also said that it wasnt an actual store and they worked differently, does anyone know about this?
  15. My Store Says "good Luck"
    Not A Good Sign,.....
    Geez, This Book And A Sophie! Its All I Want, Well, Almost...