In need of some support from LV friends...

  1. Hello fellow LV lovers!

    Well, the time has finally come...I'd mentioned that I had been studying for an exam, and tomorrow I will begin the first of three days of exams (Sept 18-20) required in order to obtain my CA designation (the Canadian version of the CPA).

    I'll admit I've been putting on a brave front for the past week (a week ago I was a psychotic stressed out mess) but now an inkling of nervousness is coming back to me. I think anyone who's written a designation exam (like the bar exam) can understand the crazyness that runs through your mind the day before you start your 3-day writing marathon! I suppose this is my way of professing my nervousness without saying it outloud (too scary!).

    btw, all this talk about the mirages and damier trevi have helped to take my mind off the exam - so good work ladies and gents! ;)

    The only thing that's good about finishing this exam is that I will be going to the Dominican for a week with a friend (so no posts from me for the next week!) and when I return (or perhaps a week later) I'll be heading to LV with my mom for a highly anticipated mother-dauther LV shopping bonanza, where we'll both be purchasing our first pieces (a Damier or Mono Speedy 30 for me and a Popincourt Haut for my dear mommy). (And, of course, I'll post pics and a story once the purchases are made - I can't wait!)

    So this is just a quick msg from me asking for your support and thoughts. I just keep thinking that all this hard-work will make my first LV purchase even sweeter.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Good luck! xx
  3. Good luck ... can't wait to see pics of your LV's
  4. Good Luck!! Wish You The Best.
  5. I took the CPA exam 10 years ago and it was killer. I passed the exam but never actually worked in public accounting. I work in corporate accounting. It was 2 days back then. I'm not sure how many it is now. Good Luck!!
  6. good luck on your exam and i hope you have fun trip and also a fun shopping trip with your mother.
  7. good luck on the test.
    :smile: have fun burning money!
  8. Good Luck! Bon Voyage! Happ shopping spree! Can't wait to hear and see the results!:heart:
  9. Good luck! you can do it!
  10. Good Luck !!! hope you do well, tell us how it goes :smile:
  11. I am so with you. I'm studying for the LSAT (law school admissions test) and I scour these forums when I need a quick break.
    Good luck!
  12. good luck!
  13. Good luck! You can do it! We're all rooting for you here! :dothewave:
  14. thanks everyone, for the well wishes! *hugs!* this is why I love tpf (whenever I'm on my SO says "obsessing over purses?" "me - yyyyyup." ;) but really it's so much more than just purses - it's great ppl too!

    tauketula - our CA exam is 3 days - 5hrs tomorrow, and then 4 hrs for the next 2 days - it should be a blast.:rolleyes:

    clearstatic - i loved your comment: "have fun burning money!" - and I reply with a big fat "WILL DO!!!!" *insert icon with money on fire*

    betterthanshoes - good luck on your LSAT's! I feel your pain...

    armcandy- awww...thanks for the extra oomph of support!:smartass:
  15. Goood luuuuck!!!! I KNOW you'll do well!! :heart:

    *crosses fingers*