In need of some strange advice...Ipod Nano

  1. So I know Louis makes a Ipod Nano holder case thing but I don't like the style and I want to keep my earbuds safe too. I've seen other people use a "wapity" to hold their Ipod. At this current time I am using my Mono-Groom Cles to hold my Ipod (but that's also my key chain..and I have dropped it before.) Does anyone have any ideas for something to carry my ipod and earbuds? Thanks sooo advance!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I don't have a nano, but I have the Ipod Video. I sometimes use my poche toilette 15. It will be bigger than what you need for your nano, as it is even for mine, but I also keep my receipts and extra credit/gift cards and pens in there as well. Another option might be the mini pochette accessories. I just like the coated lining in my poche toilette as I am totally paranoid about a pen leaking into my purse. It's never happened, and I use good pens, but I still worry.
  3. what about a vernis flat poutch? i think they are super cute. you could also try a plate- like in the perforated line.
  4. How about the Cancun? You can take the string off too as it just knots to attach.
    Cancun.JPG Cancun2.JPG
  5. Ooo I like the way that Cancun looks. Does it come in anything other than mono?
  6. For this reason, I was thinking of getting the Badge and Key Holder for my boyfriend! They have it in monogram, Taiga, and Utah! This way, it can also hold other things when he doesn't want the Ipod Nano in there.
  7. What about the Denim Flat Pouch, Perfo Pochette Plate, or the Antigua Pochette Plate?