in need of some retail therapy!!

  1. ladies, im in need of some major retail therapy :yahoo: :yahoo:

    im thinking about getting a piece of LV luggage, but with all the new bans on flying, i dont think ill have too much stuff that i will be taking on w/ me in my carry-on. i was thinking of either the mono or damier keepall, but am not sure about the size. im pretty small, so i want something ill be able to easily carry. any suggestions?
  2. damier 50 or 55. i'm wanting a 55!!
  3. I have also been researching the Keepall for travel and you should be fine traveling with the 45 or 50, if you don't want to check your luggage. Also, you will need to take into consideration how much you stuff the keepall.
  4. I personally love the Sirius 45 -- not that much more expensive than the Keepall 55 with a strap and really cute I think on more petite individuals.
  5. i would go w/Damier line, mono is classic, but i worry about vachetta strap, and there's tons of fake mono keepalls......
  6. carry-all, damier keep all 45
  7. they said that if you want to carry on a keepall, the best size would be a 45 or a 50..the SA said that if you bought a 55 on, you would be pulling your limit...i have no idea if this is true or not. my sa told me while my mom and I were looking at them
  8. I got the Pegase60 during a retail therapy outing. I am so happy with it. I have not yet used it for air trafel but I will in the coming months and I will use it as a carry-on piece. Though many do check their larger LV luggage.

    The Keep-All is great too I hear, either way you will love it. . .
  9. 50 or 45! 55 I HATE IT! lol its TOO big! I would only buy a 55 if I could get the Miroir and thats it!
  10. a damier 55? what does that look like? :tender:
  11. oh, cruiser 45. such a lovely yummy classy piece. so nice to look at those clean lines......hmmmmmmm
  12. what does this look like? i cant find it on elux
  13. oh nevermind, found it! sorry! i didnt know it was an epi piece..
  14. I like the Mono version better you can find it on the LV site. ELuxury isn't carrying the Sirius 45 in Mono at the moment :sad:
  15. Damier 50 :biggrin: