In need of some Ebay advice!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought a toki bag off someone on eBay, it was a direct sale. The bag was being sent from Italy, and since I am only a few hours away by plane I expected it to be here quite soon (seeing as I get packages from Japan in 4 days). However this was august 31st and I still havent recieved the bag! A bag I ordered from the US quite a bit after I bought this bag has even arrived.

    I have emailed the lady 2 times asking whether she knew how long it would normally take, and she hasn't replied. I still have all the emails from eBay, so should I open a dispute as I did not recieve the item, or should I wait incase she emails or the package is still stuck in customs or something? :confused1:

    I just dont want to get my money back and then for the bag to arrive. But it is too much money just to hope the package arrives one day.

    Any help will be very welcome, as i really do not know what to do for the best!
  2. I'd give it another few days (as today is the weekend) -- international customs can be a beeyotch. But I would definitely email her again and inquire as to whether it was shipped or not. Don't be concerned with being annoying -- if she's not responding, you have a right to be worried!

    If it's not here by the end of the week, def. open a dispute.
  3. Yeah, it is just concerning seeing as it should have only taken a few days from Italy and it has been a few weeks now and still no sign of it. I will wait till the end of the week as eBay has a 90 day policy so still lots of time to open a dispute and get my money back.

    I just don't understand not being emailed back, during the whole exchange of money and the sale itself she would email back straight away, and yet now I havent heard from her since.

    thank-you for the advice!
  4. Does this person have good feedbacks on Ebay?
    two weeks is too long for a bag to arrive from Italy to UK. I'd email the seller and let her know that if the bag is not received by the end of the week then a dispute will be filed. I dont mind the delay , at least the seller should kindly email you and let you know her situation.
  5. ditto what kokebon says.. i usually try to be patient about waiting for things to come in the mail, but if they are not responding to emails i don't think that's a good sign :s
  6. Well I emailed her 2 days ago and yesturday saying that I would go through ebay if she didnt email me back and tell me what was going on, and she hasnt replied :sad: So i will probably go through ebay tonight or tomorrow if she doesnt email back.

    Thanks for the advice, I really do not think any bag is coming my way from her.
  7. yeah it is definitly not good when they ignore your emails, and something that should have taken a few days to arrive takes over 2 weeks and still doesnt arrive. I think I may have to open a dispute. :sad:
  8. I hate to say this, but if she used the Italian Postal Service, it is incredibly and notoriously bad. Always has been. It can take weeks and months for packages to arrive, through no fault of the sender.
  9. That sucks if she's not responding... even if she did use the Italian Postal Service~ She should've still notified the buyer, or at least responded to some of her messages...

    I'm waiting for two things (non-toki) myself, and they're taking forever to get here~ It irks me so bad when things like this happen :sad:
  10. I agree, even if the Italian post is bad, it still wouldnt take 2 weeks to get somewhere so close in the EU. Plus she hasn't answered one email since I paid, so it isnt just postal problems. I know it isnt the sellers fault for the postal system however she could have at least emailed me back the million times i emailed her asking about the situation.

    Yeah you do not expect things like this to happen with the security of ebay and everything, and when it does it you lose a lot of trust.

    Hope you get your things soon.
  11. You too~ :sad:
  12. what's her ebay feedback like?
  13. well it was done through ebay as a direct sale so I didnt see her feedback profile. she contacted me as she had a bag for sale that was similar to one I was bidding and lost on. I thought it suspect at first but the sale was all done through ebay, and ebay emailed me directions and my rights and the returns policy etc, and it had a buyer protection scheme etc so I thought it was OK. I have contacted ebay for help.
  14. Hm, it should have still given you her ebay ID, though. You can find her feedback through ebay if you know it.
  15. well on the email from ebay it only gave her email, so maybe she is a guest not a member? who knows! I just hope ebay can sort this out.